Additional Photos Edit

This page contains extra photos of individuals notable to the SSC storyline. This includes but is not limited to: group photos, adjusted photos, and secondary photos.

Restored Origins Group Photo Edit

Thanks to modern-day editing tools, the original 1956 photograph of the Origins was restored to a much higher quality and colorized. Though it should be noted that not all colors may be accurate due to insufficient information.

Group Photo of Chris and Luke Edit

Chris and luke
This is the entirety of the group photograph taken of Chris (to the left) and Luke (to the right) while stationed in one of the few remaining SSC bases in late 2037. Due to poor lighting in the original photo, the image had to be adjusted with brightness, resulting in the poor quality.

Group Photo of Apollo, Clocker, and Joseph Edit

This is the entirety of the group photograph of (from left to right) Apollo, Clocker, and Joseph outside in the snow following a training exercise in 2003. The photo was kept in poor quality/damp locations for some time, resulting in blurred corners.

Group Photo of Shadow, Big-H, and Trigger Edit


A 2037 photograph of (from left to right) Shadow, Big-H, and Trigger holding a morning meeting somewhere at the center of Fatherbase. No other known photographs of the three exist, as they largely preferred leaving no footprint of their existence.

Group Photo of Henry and Larson Edit


A 2003 photograph of Henry (left) and Larson (right) prior to their affiliation with Darkness and Joseph. The photo was kept in more conditions for some time, resulting in splotches and unbalanced colors.

Group Photo of Brett and Tye Edit


An early 2013 photograph of Brett Blakley (left) and Tye (right). Both are positioned in front of the old file warehouse.

Staged Border Photograph Edit


A staged (SSC created) 2005 photograph made to show borders between SSC and THEM territory. Both symbols for each group appear in their more widely accepted, classic forms.


Group Photo of Commander Spike, Marcus Blakley, and Patch Edit

A 2038 photograph consisting of (from left to right) Commander Spike, Marcus Blakley, and Patch. This picture was taken near the Toparsburg school courtyard shortly after Scythe's defeat and Marcus's joining within the S.S.C. A filter was purposefully placed over the image to prevent privacy leaks.