General Timeline Information Edit

Apollo (real name unknown) was born in 1988. He would later join the SSC in 1999. In 2003 he'd meet Joseph and Derek while serving as a soldier under Robert. He'd befriend Joseph and later assist him in a THEM attack; which the SSC came out on top. He'd later retire in late 2006.

Biography Edit

Apollo was 11 when he joined the SSC. After some training he came to serve under Robert as an SSC soldier. He later met Joseph and Derek; who were training in the SSC for their own nefarious purposes. He'd befriend Joseph (unaware of his intentions) and train with him under Robert for some time. Later, during a battle between the SSC and THEM; Apollo would assist Joseph in taking out foes; resulting in the eventual victory on the SSC's part. However due to a sudden appearance by Larson; Joseph was forced by his brother to move on to the next step of their plan; with Joseph never being able to say goodbye or offer thanks to his friend. Joseph would later use the comical persona he adopted around Apollo and Clocker to become Random Kid in his later days. Apollo retired years later.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Apollo preferred to keep his past hidden; claiming that some stories are best left forgotten. Despite this somber attitude; Apollo was incredibly friendly and likable among SSC members; offering comedic quips and words of advice to his comrades. However these acts of kindness would blind him to the fact that Joseph and Derek were traitors. He was a decent fighter; able to take on multiple THEM forces; though it should be noted he worked best with a team rather than alone. Joseph described Apollo as being bruised up to a distinct degree; though no other appearance records were documented.

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