General Timeline Information Edit

Austin was born in 1939. He would later join the SSC during it's Golden Age in 1955, where he would become an apprentice of Teddy. Upon Teddy's moving away, in 1956, Austin would be put in charge of the unit and would rise in rank significantly. He was later responsible for the creation of the SSC logo. He would retire in 1957.

*Please note that due to the poor quality of the photo above, it is difficult to perfectly discern if this is indeed a photograph of Austin. Image analysis has seemingly pointed to this being a legitimate picture of him, though there is always room for error.*

Biography Edit

Austin was 16 when he joined the SSC during it's Golden Age period. He was put into Teddy's SSC unit and served admirably under him until Teddy moved away. Before leaving, Teddy recommended Austin to become leader of his unit, due to his skill and proper training. Austin accepted this offer and took up residence in Specter's Forest, where he would run a variety of base management and leadership activities, along the way sparking a feud between Mask's unit, who also trained in a separate portion of the base. This feud would eventually subside during Drathm 2, in which the two rivaling groups were forced to team up to fight off THEM forces. Their success in this effort led to the two groups putting their differences aside and creating the SSC logo, as a sign signifying unity between soldiers. In 1957, Austin would eventually retire from the SSC.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Austin was described by Teddy as being one of his best trained soldiers, completely reliable and fit to lead a unit, and even manage a base of operations. Despite his admirable leadership, Austin displayed increased bias in his own unit, looking down on any other unit within the SSC. Despite being quick to anger, Austin was rational in many ways, eventually realizing the value of teamwork and respect among soldiers. Austin had a slightly pink skin coloration and also developed darker bags under his eyes due to stress. A battle scar rested around the center of his forehead. Austin's eyes were a hazel coloration and his hair was dark brown and not styled. As time passed and Austin dedicated himself more to the SSC, his hair grew fairly long. Austin also had a somewhat large nose and long eyebrows. Austin was described as being short among most SSC members.