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Big-H (real name; Henry) was born in 2014. His parents would later die in an undisclosed accident in 2027, prompting he and his younger brother Trigger to create Scythe in 2031. Big-H would lead the Scythe attack on the town's bank in 2037 and reclaim only half the money; blaming the SSC for taking the other half and going to "war" with them. In 2038 he'd learn of Gregory being a traitor; stiffening his attacks against the group until eventually being betrayed by his own brother and Shadow; the latter of which managing to steal Scythe's half of the money. After Trigger's grave injuries; Big-H would leave Scythe and the gang would promptly fall apart.

Biography Edit

Henry was 13 when his parents died. Now without a home or any place or person to turn to; he and his younger brother Trigger established Scythe; a gang taking refuge in Specter's Forest who catered to those without homes or futures. In an attempt to gain funds; Big-H commanded the robbery of the town's bank; which resulted in the deaths of multiple clerks. Brett Blakley somehow learned of this attack prior to it's happening and ordered the SSC (by way of Rodrick) to stop Scythe members from transporting the money back to their base. The operation was nearly successful; with the SSC managing to make off all the stolen money. However; due to hidden plans of Brett and Shadow; the money was lost; with half going to Scythe and the other half going to Brett. Thinking the SSC to be holding the rest of the money; Big-H declared war on the group; leading to the SSC slowly breaking apart our of fear. The following year; Big-H would learn that Gregory was a traitor within their ranks and participated in the questioning and later killing of Danson for information on Gregory's location. With tensions rising, Trigger would later betray his brother with the help of Shadow and force him to reveal the location of Scythe's half of the buried money (which was buried beneath Specter's tree). Big-H would later learn of Trigger being hit by a speeding car during his escape and battle with Gregory. Severely saddened by these sudden events; Big-H left Scythe and the gang slowly began to fall apart. Big-H's actions following the destruction of Scythe in undocumented.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Big-H was an incredibly cold and brutal leader of Scythe. Despite his behavior; he was notably efficient and recruiting members and giving orders. His knowledge of what it was like to "lose everything" allowed him to easily seduce struggling kids, teens, and men into working with him. Big-H showed little to no remorse for the lives/feelings of his soldiers or towards enemy forces; fully willing to kill SSC members if his harsh demands were not met. Big-H ruled Scythe with an iron fist; not accepting failure from anyone; including his brother. However Big-H mainly worked by way of words. He did not excel at fighting and upon being betrayed by his brother and held at gunpoint; showed substantial fear of being shot. Despite this cold exterior; Big-H still had a soft spot for his brother (the only family he had left) and was so taken aback by Trigger's betrayal and injuries that he was willing to let the gang he had created; fall apart; abandoning his hopes of revenge. His appearance was described as having pale skin and dark brown hair which was not styled. He also had a thin beard and smudges of dirt around his cheeks. His eyebrows were long and his eye color was brown. A notable scar ran vertically down the leftmost side of his forehead, with a smaller one just beneath his right eye, and another passing through the left of his bottom lip.