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Blade (real name unknown) was born in 1996 and would later rise to prominence by joining James in The Brotherhood of Death as a leading figure in 2011. The following year of 2012, he and his accomplice Rick would go on to torment Tim Allender under the authority of James, ultimately sending Tim into a depressive state. Later in the first half of 2013, Blade would come to battle Tim, Brett, Tye, and George in the abandoned warehouse, resulting in him being driven away by Tim before to much damage could be done. After this defeat, Blade would go into hiding in a Brotherhood of Death outpost, where he would remain until the war between the SSC and The Brotherhood of Death commenced. With James leaving for a final fight with Tim, Blade was left in momentary control of The Brotherhood; allowing him to give orders via walkie talkie to his troops on the field. Tye, Samantha, and George would come to be captured by Brotherhood of Death forces and brought to the outpost for questioning. Ultimately Blade would be swayed to allow the SSC and The Brotherhood to work together to defeat THEM, who were returning for a final fight. After the success of this teamwork, Blade decided to leave the Brotherhood of Death and become a "normal" kid again.

Biography Edit

Blade was a dangerous Brotherhood of Death commander recruited by James in his attempt to destroy the SSC and get revenge on Tim Allender. Blade was tasked with working alongside Rick (James's other apprentice) to harass Tim Allender or to ultimately capture him. Although no attack was particularly successful, the two succeeded in significantly lowering Tim's moral and sending him into depression. However, Blade would later come to follow Tim to an abandoned warehouse, where he was unaware that other SSC members such as Brett, Tye, George, and Samantha were staying. This resulted in him taking on the group of legendary SSC soldiers; barely holding his own as Tim forced the others to break away, ultimately leaving the two to spar outside; with Blade escaping later on. Blade would go into hiding at a Brotherhood of Death outpost, allowing Rick to call the shots along with James. However, when war broke out between the SSC and The Brotherhood, James momentarily left to fight Tim; leaving Blade momentarily in charge of all soldier operations. Later, George, Tye, and Samantha would be captured by Brotherhood of Death forces, and after a failed escape attempt, would be brought before Blade for questioning. Samantha and the others would go on to explain to Blade that THEM had returned and was going to destroy both sides all according to Night Riser's plan. Samantha would later propose that the Brotherhood and the SSC work together to defeat THEM. Although reluctant at first, Blade would eventually give in to the pressure; calling for all Brotherhood of Death troops to work with the SSC and also freeing George, Tye, and Samantha from the outpost. This decision would ultimately cause the destruction of THEM, and the severe damage of both the SSC and the Brotherhood as a result. Blade would then relinquish all power and decide to return to his old life, no longer under the thumb of The Brotherhood.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Blade was described as being incredibly bulky and was skilled enough in fighting to hold his own against legendary SSC soldiers for a very limited time. His fighting style was with enough skill for it to immediately be recognized as a learned ability, rather than blind brute strength. Blade was easy to anger and found some enjoyment in the suffering of others, though his fearlessness could not be underplayed. Despite these qualities, he was intelligent enough to see the errors of his ways and put the past behind him in order to make a better future. Blade had a pink skin tone and shortly cut, dirty blonde hair. His eyebrows were notably thick/long, he had a wider facial structure and nose, and his eyes were hazel. A small battle scar rested to the left of his lower lip, with another just below his left eye.