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Brad (also called Brian) was born in 1988 and would later go on to join the SSC in 1999. He would work as a soldier for the SSC until rising in rank in 2002. And in 2003 he would move on to become leader of the SSC. He maintained this leadership until 2008, wherein he retired.

Biography Edit

Brian was a notable SSC soldier who joined the ranks at age 11. He would later rise in rank and be elected leader of the SSC. He would often work behind the scenes as he attempted to keep an eye on THEM without causing an eruption of war. He maintained the sense of tension for a while before ultimately being presented with Talon; the leader of THEM. Talon was charged with attacking an SSC unit and despite trying to explain to Brian that the attack was a relative misunderstanding, Brian was unwilling to listen. Talon would then grow angry and accuse Brian of sending two spies among their ranks years prior (who were actually Darkness and Joseph who were working by their own accord). The two were ultimately entangled in this series of misunderstandings, leading to Brian declaring war on THEM for the first time in 47 years.

Brian would remain leader for a majority of the war, and later was set to attend a meeting in which he would fire an SSC member (Tim Allender) who caused a leak of information accidentally. However, Eric; knowing that Tim was in trouble, ultimately made himself responsible for the disclosure and Brian hesitantly fired Eric instead; sparring Tim. Brian would also work towards getting Tim to battle Machine. Brian would later go on to retire in silence only to be replaced by Tim Allender thanks to the latter's actions in stopping both Talon and Machine at such a young age.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Brian was described a cool-headed and intimidating. He favored strict and orderly rule and took trooper's safety very seriously. Brian described himself as being similar to Tim upon joining the SSC at a young age and pulling off incredible feats despite not being as old as other members. He was an excellent leader who kept the SSC intact for quite some both before and after the declared war on THEM. He could lose his temper if enough stress was provided, but otherwise he was calm and deliberate. Brad exhibited distinctly light blue eyes and dark brown hair which was very curly and long. His eyebrows were rather short/thin, his skin tone was fairly pale, and he also possessed a somewhat longer nose. Due to mounting stress, Brad developed dark bags beneath his eyes.