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Brett Blakley was born in 1996, as the son of Gus Blakley. During the year of 2003, he was hunted by Darkness and Joseph, who believed him to be a future dark threat who needed to be stopped. However, Joseph eventually had a change of heart, saving Brett from Darkness just before he could be killed, and then deciding to watch over him. Brett's first personal act that would go on to have a direct effect on his SSC career, involved befriending Jeff in 2004. In 2006, the two friends would have a falling out once Eliminator joined THEM, resulting in a deep resentment existing between the two. In 2007, Brett and Tye would become friends. The following year, in 2008, Brett would be rescued from Machine by Tim Allender and become the latter's apprentice. During this time, Brett was also watched closely by Darkness. In 2009, after much training, Brett would later manage to defeat Machine before Tim left him and the SSC in order to deal with problems of his own. In 2010, Brett would befriend George and make him his apprentice. Brett would also go on to defeat Jack for the first time, but be bested in a surprise attack by his former friend, Jeff - now going by Eliminator. This would set off Brett's slow ease into depression. However, eventually Brett was indeed able to defeat Eliminator with George's help. Brett would defeat Jack a second time, and even manage to take down Corruption and send THEM into hiding. Later, Brett would defeat Jack a third and final time, only to then completely turn away from his friends after a series of misunderstandings and built-up rage. This fall from grace would cause Random Kid to stop looking after Brett, and eventually lead Brett to Darkness, who became his new master after promising him a happier life within a secret group called 'The Darkness' which favored strong emotions and respect. In 2011, Brett defeated George in two separate short spars as he exacted revenge on the neighborhood. He would even go as far as defeating an entire elite unit of SSC troopers led by Mask 15. Brett would later attempt to get to Samantha, only to be stopped by George and Tim who commanded him to surrender. Unwilling to do so, Brett fought his former friends, defeating George, but ultimately going down simultaneously with his old master, and being talked into rejoining them. Brett would fall unconcious shortly after Darkness stepped in to find out what was going on. Against all odds, Brett managed to wake himself from this state, race towards the location in which Darkness was preparing to finish off his apprentice and master, and then tackle him (Darkness) into the frozen waters of Marinay River when he wasn't paying attention, ultimately defeating the foe. In early 2012, Brett, George, Tye, Tim, and Samantha worked together to lead the SSC. Brett, Tim, and George would share leadership over the SSC during this time (though George would later choose to back away from this leadership work and focus more on training his apprentice). In 2013, Brett would learn of the Brotherhood of Death after engaging in a battle with Blade. He would declare war on the Brotherhood and receive odd messages from a figure named Night Riser. Brett would later meet Francis and come to defeat Rick after a grueling battle at the Death Pit. As a final act, Brett was able to battle Night Riser and defeat him, thereby ending the threat of THEM returning. Brett and his team would rebuild the SSC one final time before finally retiring at the end of the year. Brett started college in 2016 but dropped out in 2017 to join the military. Two years later in 2019, Brett went MIA and was presumed dead. While in hiding, Brett would come to have a son in 2021 named Marcus. In 2031, Brett would train with Marcus, becoming his master. In 2037 Brett would send Marcus to retrieve stolen bank money, but due to complications, only received half of the funds and was forced to wait until 2038 for the other half to be recovered. Brett would then feverishly work to return the money to it's rightful owners.

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Brett's pivotal role in SSC history would begin in a dream of Darkness's, who foresaw Brett to become an antagonistic, dark force that would come to kill him. Darkness and his younger brother Joseph would come to join the SSC in their search to retrieve documents on Brett's father; Gus, so that they could track down this threat before it was to late. Their plan was eventually successful, with Joseph later realizing that Darkness planned on killing Brett, who was only a small child at this point. Unwilling to let this happen, Joseph was able to stop Darkness just as he had knocked out Brett and readied to kill him. Though Joseph lost the ensuing fight, he was able to convince Darkness to momentarily leave Brett alone. Brett would later awaken, blissfully unaware just how close his life had come to being ended, and having no knowledge whatsoever on Joseph or Darkness's existence. Joseph would later go on to watch over Brett under the guise of Random Kid.

At the age of 7, Brett Blakley would come to meet Jeff; a homeless boy who had run away from his abusive foster parents. The two would become close friends until Brett suggested he join the SSC, thinking they'd give him a place to live. Jeff attempted such a plea, but for various reasons, the SSC wouldn't allow it. This refusal would anger Jeff and lead him to joining THEM, ending his friendship with Brett. Years later, Brett was attacked by Machine, a notorious bully and THEM member who readied to beat up Brett, only to be stopped by Tim Allender. Now in Tim's debt, the two quickly became friends, and Brett agreed to become Tim's apprentice. The two would train together and eventually Brett would come to save Tim from a brutal fight with Machine, successfully defeating the bully once and for all, and severely weakening THEM's strength. Tim would vanish not long after to deal with James, leaving Brett confused and lost, but ultimately finding his own apprentice and friend named George. Early training even included the easy defeat of the notorious bully; Jack. In the middle of one training session, Brett and George were caught in a surprise attack by Eliminator (formerly Jeff), who successfully beat the to up, before vanishing. This sudden loss caused Brett's popularity and reverence to plummet, allowing a certain level of disdain to exist between Brett and the school. Brett would come to find that Eliminator merely engaged in this attack to scare Brett, and would soon return to finish what he started. Brett and George ultimately were later tricked by various elites, including Trevor Sykes into hand-delivering a message. This mission was actually false however, merely imposed so that Brett and George would cross paths with Eliminator again and finish him off. The two were successful, but upon learning of the SSC's hand in instigating the fight, Brett became furious and approached the elites on the matter. This would result in Brett hardly trusting the SSC anymore, and believing them to be using him. Angered by Eliminator's loss, Corruption would go on to threaten Brett in order to leave him terrified when a real fight between the two would eventually break out. Corruption would even make the claim that he killed Tim Allender, just to further pry away at Brett's emotional weaknesses. While undergoing these issues with Corruption, and fading popularity/rising anger, Brett also was forced to face Jack, who returned for revenge and revealed himself to be dead-set on hurting those Brett cared about, with Brett successfully defeating this foe a second time and offering him a second chance to redeem himself. Later, Corruption would approach Brett's home during a rainstorm, the ensuing struggle led to the old park, where Corruption would come to slip from the platforms and be badly injured in the fall. Brett and George worked to bring Corruption to a hospital, and Corruption's defeat would ultimately cause THEM to go into hiding (with Brett and the others assuming it to be broken apart entirely). Jack would later return one final time, threatening to injure Brett's friend Tye if Brett was unable to reach him in time. Ultimately, certain complications led to Brett being too late in saving Tye, resulting in thee now angered Brett savagely beat up Jack a final time. George would arrive after the fight and confuse Tye's injuries as being caused by Brett (who had already been lashing out at students and friends alike for their treatment of him; this included Joseph who ended his time watching over Brett). This mistrust presented by George would lead to Brett turning his back on his former friend and everything else in his life. Now sulking and unsure where to turn, Brett would meet Darkness, who offered to become his new master. Although Brett was initially hesitant, Darkness promised him that a secret unit known as 'The Darkness' was fully prepared to back him up and support him if he joined. Brett ultimately agreed. Under Darkness's leadership, Brett would defeat George in two short spars whilst also exacting revenge on all those who had done him wrong in the past. Darkness told Brett he became stronger when angry, and goaded him into feeling this way almost constantly. Using this intense rage, Brett would even manage to defeat an entire unit of SSC elites sent to stop him, as well as their leader, Mask 15. Eventually, Brett was sent by Darkness to Samantha's house for a final mission to prove himself, wherein Brett attempted to trick Samantha into believing he had reverted back to his old self. In actuality, Brett planned on using Samantha to get to George, but Samantha saw through the ruse, stalling long enough to call George to the scene. Brett would be shocked to find his apprentice arriving not alone, but with Tim Allender at his side. Now confused, but still enraged, the old friends fought, leading to Brett defeating George. Tim and Brett would continue the fight until finally collapsing almost simultaneously, with no more strength to attack each other. Tim would use this moment to remind Brett of some old words concerning family. Brett; now suddenly understanding where he'd gone wrong, was emotionally struck by these words and desperately apologized for his actions. Darkness; now realizing himself to be betrayed, appeared to the two, briefly torturing Brett and trying to goad him into joining him again, or dying. Brett refused to listen, and made it clear that he (Darkness) had failed in his attempts to change him. Brett would fall unconscious and nearly die out int he cold, only to be saved in time by George (who attacked Darkness) and Samantha (who dragged Brett to shelter). After an intense mental fight to awake himself, Brett recovered from his knocked out state and found the energy to run towards the frozen portion of Marinay River, where Darkness was now readying to finish off both Tim and George. Now willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, BBrett tackled Darkness into the frozen water below an overhang, sending Darkness into the icy depths. Brett survived the ordeal thanks to Tim catching his arm just before he could fall in. After sharing more apologies and working to return fully back to his old self, Brett would later agree to become leader of the SSC, and share this leadership with George and Tim.

After rebuilding the SSC, Tim slowly began to ease into an unexplained solitude. This behavior, as well as an unexpected attack by Blade during a secret SSC meeting in the abandoned warehouse, led to Brett demanding answers out of Tim. Tim would reveal to Brett that his former friend, James, had returned with a new unit called the Brotherhood of Death, which was a now rising threat that Tim had hoped he could stop on his own. Not willing to let his master suffer through this, Brett declared war with the Brotherhood, with Brett also receiving messages from a strange figure calling himself 'Night Riser'. Night Riser would provide cryptic advice regarding how to weaken the Brotherhood. Brett went on to suspect Night Riser to be Corruption, but this was quickly debunked by Francis. Eventually, Brett received enough information to convince him to attack the Brotherhood's central base at The Death Pit. While inside the Death Pit, Brett and his unit were attacked by Brotherhood forces, with Brett being knocked out and hid away by his teammates. Upon awakening, he was then forced to work with remaining troopers (including Tim and Commander Delta) to find their captured troopers. After posing as Brotherhood troopers and working their way to the top of the Death Pit, Tim blew his cover and instigated a final conflict. Brett managed to hold his own during the fight, even going so far as to capture Rick. After interrogating Rick, Brett would learn that Night Riser was secretly manipulating both sides, sending advice to the SSC and the Brotherhood. Not long afterwards, Night Riser demanded Tim and Brett's presence in Specter's Forest. Brett met his master at the location, finding Night Riser among one of the trails. Night Riser now revealed himself to be Nick - Tim's former apprentice, as well as his role in manipulating the SSC and Brotherhood. He'd also reveal himself to be the leader of THEM, and that the group had not died after Corruption's injuries, but rather hid away. Before a fight could break out, Blade and other Brotherhood forces began storming into the woods, acting somewhat against Night Riser's manipulative orders. Night Riser fled the scene as the Brotherhood worked it's way to the other side of Specter's Forest, where they were met by an army of SSC troopers. In this process, George, Brett, Tye, and Samantha were all captured, while the disoriented Tim barely managed an escape. Brett would slowly manage to convince Blade of THEM's return, eventually prompting his enemy to work alongside the SSC to stomp out THEM before they caused too much damage. Brett would leave Specter's Forest during the war and meet up with Tim on the outskirts of the Death Pit, where Night Riser had mentioned James to be hiding out at. While Brett attempted to keep Tim from fighting, the master refused, opting to battle James while Brett guarded the base from the approaching Night Riser. Nick indeed showed up to the scene, attempting to push Brett towards his more violent tendencies, though the latter refused such urges. The clash between the two seemingly worked to Night Riser's favor, until Brett managed to catch him off-guard, grab hold of him, and instigate a painful roll down the hillside. Nick was defeated by such a maneuver, as Brett then worked his way to the Death Pit, only to find it collapsing. Brett would recover Tim from the destruction, and also send Night Riser into SSC custody following the war. Brett would learn shortly afterwards that THEM had been defeated, James was presumed dead after the Death Pit collapsed, Blade was considering leaving the Brotherhood, effectively leaving the group with no leadership, and that the SSC was greatly damaged by the war. Brett refused to give up hope, and would spend his final days in the SSC working alongside his friends to once again rebuild the group. Shortly after this was completed, Brett retired.

Brett and Tim would later go to college, where Brett would begin to show displeasure at nolonger being able to fight. Tim attempted to dissuade him from that former lifestyle, with Brett refusing to back down from the opinion that fighting was the only thing he was good at. Brett would eventually drop out of college and join the military, where he would not long after; go MIA; with Tim assuming this to mean he had perished. However in actuality, Brett had gone missing on purpose, instead realizing that fighting was not everything, and that eventually everyone must move on from the constant cycle of anger and hate that fighting causes. Brett would settle down and have a son named Marcus, who he would later train in the ways of the SSC. Years later, Brett would learn that Scythe was going to steal a large sum of money from the Menford Bank. He would then call SSC leader Rodrick, and reveal to him this situation so the SSC could hopefully stop them. The SSC did successfully retrieve the money, but Brett became fearful that the SSC might selfishly hoard the money, Bret sent Marcus to get the funds and bring them to him. This plan failed however as Marcus was caught by Shadow, who forced Marcus to hand over half the money in order to maintain Shadow's twisted sense of balance. Brett was left unable to return the money until the other half was procured; forced to play by Shadow's rules lest he or his son be put in mortal danger. Eventually Marcus was able to get the other half of money out of Scythe's hands and return them to Brett, who then worked to return the money with as few questions asked as possible.

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Brett was a dedicated SSC member, overall. In his earlier years, he was known for speaking quite often, as well as making sarcastic/funny quips under the right situations, though it could not be denied that he took this work seriously, especially after agreeing to share leadership over the SSC. As he grew older, Brett became slightly more quiet, preferring to listen to the thoughts and concerns of others, only speaking when he had a clear response in mind. Prior to his redemption, Brett was easily angered and also prone to bottling up emotions to a point in which they'd begin clouding his judgement. This would only be hastened by his fall from popularity and gradual distrust of the SSC, believing them to be using him as a tool. This anger and doubt would peak during his time training under Darkness, in which he became willing to hurt and even kill former friends or enemies. Brett's mind became almost supernaturally clouded during this time, preventing him from taking in the subtleties of most situations. This disorientation would result in vast periods of time that Brett couldn't seem to account for, which both comforted and frightened him depending on the situation. However, at his core, Brett still had a moral compass which allowed him to turn his back on Darkness and come to regret his actions. Brett's sheer force of will and fighting style made him a legendary soldier in the eyes of enemy forces and young SSC troopers. Brett often would occasionally find himself obsessed with certain details. This could range from obsessing over the identity of Night Riser, to obsessing over fighting in general. It was only in Brett's later life that he realized fighting was getting him nothing in life, and that he had to move on. While serving as leader over the SSC, Brett would often act level-headed, though he secretly missed his days of combat and felt anxious prior to speeches or meetings, as he doubted his abilities in such situations. While normally remaining a voice of compassionate reason, some anger still existed within Brett's mind, indicating Darkness's impact on him could never truly be forgotten in it's entirety. Brett would also grow somewhat cynical as he got older, feeling shame towards his past behaviors and also viewing the SSC's faults in a manner which was unique for the time. Brett was an incredibly gifted fighter, able to channel his strong will into his fighting with ease, even in the most bleak of times. He was able to take out more major threats to the SSC than any other recorded member, and was highly regarded as one of the toughest SSC troopers to ever exist within Toparsburg and it's surrounding areas. He also had an incredibly high pain tolerance and movement speed, allowing him to take out multiple foes at once before they could even realize what was happening. Though Brett was notably susceptible to surprise attacks, his own stealth abilities were quite significant, especially following his training under Darkness. Darkness's training also allowed Brett to channel his rage into combat, seemingly making him stronger, though Brett would later learn that he didn't need rage to come out victorious, and that in most instances it hindered his attacks and ability to think logically. Brett described his early appearance as similar to that of Tim, but with light brown hair. Brett had slightly thinner eyes and accompanying eyebrows. Brett had a slightly wider facial structure and nose, as well as brown eyes. One battle scar ran up from his chin while a couple others resided around the right side of his face. Just like Tim, Brett was a remarkably fast healer.