General Timeline Information Edit

Brice was born in 1938 and later became friends with Johnathan Coldwel, Dante, and Calvin Supco in 1946. They'd gradually become disassociated with each other and upon being bullied by Ivan in 1955; committed suicide.

Biography Edit

Brice was 8 years old when he became friends with Johnathan Coldwel, Dante, and Calvin Supco. As time went on, the friends separated to some degree; no longer seeing each other so often. Brice in particular was a target of bullies. Years later, after a brutal beating by Ivan (which Johnathan witnessed) Brice would commit suicide late at night and a funeral was held for him days later. Brice's death had major ramifications on Johnathan's opinions of bullies and caused him to establish the SSC the same year to avenge his fallen friend.

Personality/Appearance Edit

In his early years, Brice played basketball and other outdoor activities; prompting his friendship with the relatively active Johnathan, Dante, and Calvin. However as years went by, Brice became less enthralled in these activities; preferring to read comic books. He'd be an easy target for bullies; unable to stand up for himself to much of a degree and secretly harboring severe depression. This depression led to his eventual suicide. Most of school students and staff did not care much about Brice's death; though it would heavily scar individuals such as Johnathan, Phaze, and Noah. Brice was noted to have "clear" blue eyes and following him shooting himself; Johnathan constantly focused on the large red stain of blood seeping through the sheet placed over him.

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