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Calvin Supco (also known as Sol and a variety of other names) was born in 1938. He'd go on to befriend Johnathan Coldwel, Dante Felding, and Brice in 1946. In 1952 he'd meet Flags and the two would become friends. Calvin Supco later joined the SSC in 1955 and rise in rank as he took control of his own unit of fighters and helped supply a myriad of troops to the group. Over time, Calvin and Johnathan began having trouble seeing eye-to-eye over matters involving safety of soldiers and the endgame of the SSC. With Johnathan ultimately not complying with Calvin's ideas of shutting the SSC down, Calvin left the group and established THEM in 1956. Calvin would lead THEM in multiple battles before eventually confronting Johnathan and his friends and then exiling them into a snow storm. Calvin disappeared unexpectedly not long afterwards.

Biography Edit

Calvin Supco was 8 years old when he befriended Brice, Johnathan, and Dante. And although these friends would later drift apart to some degree, Calvin and Johnathan still remained in a semi-close contact with one another. Johnathan would go on to ask Calvin to join him in the SSC as an Origin, only for the latter to refuse and state that only if the Origins succeeded in taking down Ivan would he consider joining. Ultimately the Origins succeeded in their mission and Calvin held up his promise by joining the group. Calvin would eventually rise in rank and receive his own unit of apprentices. However despite this, Calvin would begin to question the use of the SSC following Ivan's defeat, wondering how long the group would or should continue (as he was concerned with the prospect of letting it continue for as long as possible). Although Johnathan initially was able to subdue Calvin's growing problems with the SSC, this would take a dramatic shift during a later combined-effort mission in which Albert was nearly killed/terribly injured by an attacker. Calvin confronted Johnathan harshly on this manner, making it clear that the SSC was endangering it's own soldiers and making Johnathan into a king-like figure that nobody dared opposing. These points, as well as several others led to Johnathan agreeing to call a meeting to announce he was leaving the group (which he assumed would make everyone else leave as well). However just before this speech could be made, Noah talked Johnathan out of the idea. Now feeling betrayed, Calvin vanished from the SSC and the public eye to create a new group called THEM. During this time, Calvin would recruit Dante Felding and Ivan amongst his troops. This would lead to Calvin spearheading two separate attacks against the SSC, later named "Drathm 1" and "Drathm 2" respectively. In both of these instances, THEM came out on top and proved it's mounting skill against the SSC. This would especially reach a climax when Calvin would hire on Flags as an inside man within the SSC, who would give away plans towards the capturing of Dante. Calvin effectively circumnavigated the SSC's plan by attacking them during this time and simultaneously capturing Johnathan, Summer, and Jacob in the process. Calvin revealed himself to the trio for the first time in months, and in a tearful act of hatred towards Johnathan, beat up the latter; severely injuring him. Calvin then ordered for the three to be exiled into an upcoming snow storm. Shortly after these events, Calvin went inexplicably missing while driving to another location during the snow storm. He would later be replaced by The Eye, Flags, Dante, and several others, posing as him to keep THEM fighting strong. Johnathan meanwhile would grow increasingly unhinged and become obsessed with tracking down Calvin. A vision (or what can be assumed as a vision) of Calvin would later appear to Johnathan, leading to the Johnathan Coldwel incident.

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Calvin was friendly and increasingly popular throughout Toparsburg. His likeable attitude and friendliness though, were mainly a facade, as Calvin instead remained nostalgic for his more humble beginnings with Johnathan, Dante, and Brice. Much like Johnathan, Calvin's family was either hardly ever around or simply did not care much for him at all. Calvin displayed impressive fighting prowess and speed and also cared deeply for the lives and safety of those around him. Moreover he was skeptical of the SSC's point to the community and worried what it might evolve into (as well as what Johnathan might become). Calvin had an unparalleled mind when it came to leadership and battle strategies. He was easily and effectively able to lead apprentices, establish his own group of fighters, and defeat the older and more experienced SSC on several occasions. Calvin's brilliance also extended to his ability to stay hidden and operate from behind the curtains, outwitting Johnathan nearly every turn. Calvin also displayed a clear and unique foresight into what the SSC would become and Johnathan along with it. Despite his hatred for Johnathan and the SSC, Calvin still notably took great remorse in beating Johnathan and never sentenced them into the snow storm under the pretext that it would have killed them, but rather to teach them a lesson. Calvin's ability to recognize his faults and own fall from grace can be further noted by his disappearance, which may have been purposeful as he realized he had gone to far, or perhaps out of fear for Johnathan's future revenge tactics. Calvin was described as having light brown hair and a standard white skin tone. His eyebrows were long and contained notable arches. Additionally, Calvin's chin was fairly prominent, as were the darker bags beneath his eyes which came as a result of his mounting stress. His nose was somewhat wide and a battle scar could be noted around his chin and at the left side of his face.