General Timeline Information Edit


Chris was born in 2021. He later joined the SSC in 2032. He was involved to some degree in the reclaiming of stolen bank funds from Scythe in 2037. The mission ended in failure due to Shadow and Marcus Blakley. Chris would later meet Gregory in 2038 and teach him the ways of the SSC as well as providing him with a multitude of useful tools.

Biography Edit

Chris joined the SSC at age 11. He became the group's technological expert/developer. He participated to an unknown degree in the reclaiming of stolen money by way of Scythe (a mission that ended in unexpected failure due to the combined efforts of Shadow and Marcus). Chris would stay in the SSC even after Scythe declared war on the group. Chris later met Gregory and instructed him on SSC rules as well as provided him with tools/weapons that later came in handy as Scythe lashed out at the SSC. Chris would go on to attend Gregory's farewell meeting; saluting his friend and respecting his choices to leave.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Chris was a brave and strong-willed member of the SSC. He displayed legendary knowledge on SSC tools, weapons, supplies, and tactics; making him one of the most intelligent members in the group's recorded history. Despite his lack of training in fighting; Chris remained faithful to the SSC and did not fear standing up to members such as Patch or even armed Scythe members. Chris was easily annoyed yet despite his seriousness; still enjoyed the occasional joke or sarcastic quip. Chris's fighting style; although not incredibly noteworthy, was still strong enough to take down incoming enemy forces. Chris was described as having short brown hair and glasses. His skin had a pink pigment to it and he also had a notable cleft in his chin. His eyes were gray.