General Timeline Information Edit


Clocker (real name unknown) was born in 1988 and later joined the SSC in 1999. He'd go on to serve under Robert as an SSC soldier and it was while here that he would meet Joseph and Derek in 2003. He'd befriend Joseph (unaware of his true intentions) and train with him over time. He'd also participate in the battle between the SSC and THEM in which he'd manage to save Joseph and distract incoming enemies by fighting them off. The SSC would later win this battle. Clocker would later retire from the SSC in 2007.

Biography Edit

Clocker was 11 when he joined the SSC. He'd eventually serve as an SSC soldier under the guide of Robert; he'd also befriend Apollo. Later the two would meet Joseph and Derek; two new recruits. Clocker befriended Joseph and assisted him in some training. This would continue until a battle between the SSC and THEM broke out; in which Clocker was able to fight off incoming forces in order to save Joseph and free up room for him to help cut off the rest of the incoming raids. Due to Larson's surprise appearance and Derek's commanding of their (his and Joseph's) mission to continue, Joseph was forced to leave; not being able to thank Clacker for helping him or even being able to see what became of him after the battle had ended.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Clocker joined the SSC claiming that his parents didn't care what sort of business he got involved in; especially not after he refused to stop fighting. Clocker held the SSC on a pedestal and often times bragged about himself or others of whom he respected. Clocker was notably friendly among other SSC soldiers; though this friendliness would blind him to the fact that Darkness and Joseph were traitors. Clocker was a skilled fighter; able to take on multiple foes at once (though it should be noted he worked best when in a team). Clocker was also notable for being comical among his friends; and his acts of comedy along with Joseph would lead to the latter's decision to call himself Random Kid in his later years. Clocker had a black skin tone and a wider nose. His hair was black and cut incredibly short around the peak of his head. His eyes were a brown coloration and a slight gap could be noted in his teeth.