General Timeline Information Edit

Commander Delta (real name unknown) was born in 1997. He would later join the SSC in 2012. He would rise in rank over time before eventually becoming leader of the elite units within the SSC. He'd later play a major role in the raid of The Death Pit (in 2013), in which he avoided capture and later fought with Rick, only to be defeated. He'd also participate in the war between THEM, the SSC, and the Brotherhood of Death. Following the Brotherhood's falling apart, Commander Delta and his unit would work feverishly to hunt down remaining members and stop them. He'd notably take down Drake Ballard's father; Anthony in this process. He'd later retire in 2015.

Biography Edit

Commander Delta joined the SSC at age 15. He would go on to rise in rank over time, proving himself to be a skilled fighter and tactician and earning the role of commander of elite forces and basic soldier activities. He'd go on to help in the declaration of war against the Brotherhood and also hold a meeting to discuss who would try and take out Rick (of which George and Tye would accept). Commander Delta would later be presented with the idea to raid the Death Pit as instructed by the mysterious Night Riser. Delta was highly skeptical of the plan and it's repercussions; refusing to participate until Brett and Tim practically had to force soldiers to cooperate. Delta would divide the forces into two units which entered the Death Pit separately. Despite his efforts, Delta lost contact with one unit and was later attacked by Brotherhood of Death members. Delta would escape these attackers and meet up with Brett and Tim. Together they worked to find their missing teammates. Delta and Brett would later attack Rick, who was responsible for the captures, with Delta finding himself outmatched by his opponent and being knocked out. Brett would successfully defeat Rick and Delta would go on to apologize for not agreeing to the mission sooner. When war broke out between the SSC, THEM, and the Brotherhood, Delta and his elite unit would work to take out the enemy units. After the battle had ended, Delta and his remaining team worked to hunt down any remaining forces of the Brotherhood, even taking out Drake Ballard's father: Anthony Ballard. Delta would retire years later.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Commander Delta was a highly praised SSC soldier, well known for his tactical skill and fighting prowess. He was noted to be able to wield two E-sticks simultaneously; an act incredibly difficult to pull off for the average member. Delta was efficient in using these weapons as well as relying on teamwork and his advanced hand-to-hand combat to take down foes. He also showed great skill at hunting/tracking down enemy forces and capturing them. However Delta was highly protective of his troops and extremely vocal of his opinions, going so far as to disagree with Brett and Tim to their face if necessary; though he did acknowledge his mistakes if he made any. His superior stealth and speed can also not be overlooked. Delta was noted to dress in the typical blue SSC garb. His hair was black and spiked up. He also set himself apart by painting his cheeks with blue stripes; this also signified higher rank.

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