General Timeline Information Edit


Commander Spike (real name; Travis) was born in the year 2020. He joined the SSC in 2029 and was trained by Tye. In 2037 he'd participate in the recovery effort of stolen bank money. This effort and the following negative impacts brought by it would cause Tye to abandon his apprentice. Spike would assume control over the SSC and later meet Gregory in 2038. He'd assist Gregory and the rest of the SSC in defeating Scythe and later officially become it's leader; taking up Green as his apprentice.

Biography Edit

Travis was only 9 years old when he joined the SSC. Through some means he was trained by a much older Tye and gradually rose in rank. Spike would directly be involved in the recovery effort to steal money back from Scythe that they - in turn - had stolen from a nearby bank. This effort ended in disaster as the money went missing and Scythe blamed the SSC for it's disappearance. With Rodrick and many other members quitting the SSC; Spike (now going by Commander Spike) assumed most control over the SSC; refusing to become it's leader out of fear of being specifically targeted. He'd later witness the fight between Gregory and Steven and recruit Gregory into the SSC despite the fact that Gregory failed the initial training mission to capture Hawk. Spike would go on to train Gregory in the ways of the SSC to some degree. Spike was even able to finish off Drake Ballard who had been previously injured by Gregory. In addition to this, Spike began silent/secret training with Green. Spike also lied to Gregory regarding the story between the SSC and Scythe until Gregory learned of the truth of the situation. Spike would come to task Gregory with infiltrating Scythe; offering constant support and tips from the sidelines. Spike would later fight alongside Gregory and the rest of the SSC to fight against Scythe forces; being stabbed in the side in the process. Spike would recover from these injuries and later approve of Gregory deciding to leave the SSC. Spike would then go on to train Green officially as an apprentice as well as officially becoming the SSC's leader.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Commander Spike was notably sour and constantly stressed at his large roll as assumed leader of the SSC. He'd often fall into somewhat depressive states or outright lye in order to cope/ handle certain situations. Despite his bitterness towards Scythe and to the SSC's current state; Spike still would occasionally offer slight jokes or sarcastic remarks when more at ease. He showed great care and concern for his troops and the SSC as a whole and showed astute knowledge of the groups history going as far back as their feud with THEM in the 1950s. Spike was an incredibly skilled fighter; capable of battling multiple foes at once and showing a commendable degree of courage and leadership in the process. His unwavering allegiance to the SSC and it's troops made him a legendary soldier in the eyes of every SSC member. Spike was described as having short black hair and blue eyes. He also had a small scar above is left eyebrow, and another to the right of his forehead. Due to mounting stress, dark bags formed beneath his eyes for some time. Spike had long eyebrows, a somewhat large nose, and an average white skin pigment. In addition to this; Spike also adorned himself in traditional SSC garb of the time - favoring the M-Stick especially.