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Corruption (real name Max Hyett) was born in 1990 and would come to join THEM in 2001. He would later rise in rank in 2002 and train an apprentice called Machine in 2004. Corruption would also later train Eliminator in 2006, unbeknownst to Machine; who he intended to firmly replace. In 2007 Corruption became leader of THEM after Talon's defeat. In 2010, Corruption utilized Eliminator to target/frighten Brett. When Eliminator was unable to do this, Corruption began watching and challenging Brett. The same year, Nick would become Corruption's right-hand man and trick him into fighting Brett on his own. This resulted in Corruption's defeat and critical injury. He would later recover to some degree and move out of town in 2011.

Biography Edit

Max Hyett joined THEM at 11 years old and quickly began to rise in rank, eventually earning the name 'Corruption'. He would come to take an apprentice named Machine under his wing and train him to become one of the biggest threats the town had seen in ages. Despite Machine's promising skill, Corruption ultimately took favor in Eliminator, who he found to be more dedicated, strong, and viscous than Machine. As such, Corruption began training Eliminator as a second apprentice, keeping this a secret from Machine, who he intended to replace when the time was right. Corruption was later made leader of THEM, and slowed group action to make it appear as if THEM was dissipating, as well as instating Machine as a fake leader to detract anyone from learning of Corruption's true power.

Behind the scenes, Corruption planned a surprise attack on SSC forces (this plan would be leaked by Random Kid however). The resulting battle ended with Machine defeated by Brett and prompted Corruption to shift all his focus on Eliminator to get revenge and strike fear into Brett. Thus Eliminator was sent by Corruption to attack Brett and George during a training exercise. Eliminator won the fight, resulting in Brett's slow decline in popularity among the town. This victory was ultimately short lived however, as the SSC managed to instigate a second fight between Brett and Eliminator, in which Brett came out victorious. Growing angered, Corruption planned a fight with Brett to finally settle the score. The former briefly offered the latter a chance to quit the SSC ahead of time and avoid the conflict, to which Brett would decline. Corruption would also taunt Brett with the idea that Tim Allender had died by the former's hands (though this was not true in the slightest). Not long afterwards, both Corruption and Machine broke into Brett's house while the latter's parents were away, and George was present with his master. Despite Brett's efforts at stopping the intruders, the two were ultimately knocked out without putting up a fight. Wishing to best the two fighters in a fair manner, Corruption and Machine moved both Brett and George to the abandoned park. Originally, Corruption had every intention to use Machine as back-up in the fray, but was ultimately talked out of it by Nick, who used treacherous persuasion to convince Corruption to fight Brett alone. Remembering Nick's words and now having second thoughts, Corruption ordered Machine to leave the scene as the Brett and George awoke. Corruption would go on to fight the two at the old park during a rainstorm, putting George's life at risk a few various times. Brett would slowly shift the battle to the slippery upper platforms of the park, with Corruption slipping in the process of attacking Brett, and ultimately tumbling off the side of the structure, and landing harshly below, suffering a plethora of serious injuries. Despite some initial hesitance, Corruption was promptly transported to a local hospital by Brett and George, and left there to be treated. Corruption's defeat and inability to continue his rule led to Nick (Night-Riser) taking control of THEM and sending the group into hiding for years, as was his plan all along.

Corruption would later move from the town entirely, presumably healing from his injuries somewhat. In the year 2013, Night-Riser tricked Brett into believing Corruption was behind the mysterious black envelope messages, prompting Brett to leave his guard post and question Francis for the truth. This would allow Night Riser ample time to retrieve classified documents that he would later send to The Brotherhood of Death for their aid. Francis would clear Corruption's name on the matter, leaving Brett more confused than before.

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Corruption was a notable tactician and fighter within THEM. He provided above-average leadership abilities to the club and managed to train two of the most fearsome THEM members to ever reside within the group, as well as many others who followed in his footsteps and sought to replace him when the time came for retirement. As such, Corruption's power and influence allowed him to make orders in which some would follow blindly, no matter what the repercussions. He preferred to use fear to scare enemies into submission, stating that using the right amount of fear tactics could defeat an enemy long before a battle even began. Despite these notorious traits, Corruption was susceptible to trickery and placing too much trust on those around him; ultimately leading to Nick tricking him into being defeated by Brett. Corruption preferred to speak calmly, but with an air of intimidation always notable. He was not as quick to anger as many of his subordinates. Corruption was also an incredibly skilled fighter, able to hold his own against Brett Blakley through rough conditions. His long experience within THEM also bestowed advanced stealth tactics upon him. Corruption's obsession with showing superior power over the SSC led to an equal obsession with Brett, whom Corruption identified as a figurehead of the Fighters that needed to be bested by an equal or advanced figurehead of THEM. Corruption was known for wearing a dark hoodie, with various spots of red woven into the fabric, creating a splotched (almost blood-like) effect. Corruption also dawned a specially-made black beret baring the THEM insignia. A black cloth was wrapped around Corruption's throat, giving off the illusion that his head was floating from within the darkened depths of the hood. In most cases, the shadow cast by the hood would make Corruption's face difficult to discern. Due to little sleep and mounting stress, Corruption exhibited exceptionally large bags under his eyes and also had a pale skin tone. His eyes were relatively dark brown and his eyebrows were quite short/thin. Additionally, his shortly cut hair was brown and not styled, and several small battle scars rested around his face.