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Danson was born in 2014 and through certain saddening losses, became homeless and was forced to join Scythe in 2031 to stay alive. During the 2037 bank robbing performed by Scythe, Danson avoided following along and stayed behind at the base. He would later meet Gregory in 2038 and the two planned multiple missions together to weaken/scare the SSC, with Danson eventually realizing that Gregory actually was a spy for the SSC all along. Upon being questioned by Scythe members, Danson refused to reveal any information on Gregory and was promptly mortally wounded.

Biography Edit

Danson joined Scythe as one of it's very first members in 2031 and quickly rose in rank; eventually being tasked with organizing member-led missions. During the incredibly dangerous bank robbery in 2035, Danson feared for his life and decided to stay behind; making excuses to to the higher-ups on why he did not arrive. Later Danson would come to meet Gregory, who entered his mission organizing station and presented a genius idea on how to weaken/frighten the SSC by stealing some of their documents. Danson agreed to the plan and personally followed Gregory in the mission late at night. During the mission itself (which in actuality was set-up by the SSC as part of their plan) Gregory succeeded in keeping their cover despite Danson nearly causing a filing cabinet to collapse and also saved him from being hit by a car. Danson would go on to highly respect Gregory for these actions. However, after Gregory's cover is blown as a spy for the SSC, Danson is taken prisoner and brutally questioned by Big-H and Trigger who demand to know Gregory's location. Ultimately Danson refuses to give in to their questions and is shot. Now mortally wounded, Danson is thrown into a basement as a trap to lure Gregory to his dying friend. Gregory ultimately falls for the trick and approaches Danson just in time to exchange final words with him in which Danson revealed he never agreed with Scythe's plans and merely wanted a home. He would go on to urge Gregory to not be like him, and to fight only for what he truly believed him. Danson then passed away in his friend's arms. Danson's words on fighting for a cause one believes in would later cause Gregory to stop fighting and leave the SSC as well as to give advice to Marcus Blakley.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Danson was 17 when he joined Scythe and by the time he met Gregory, was aged at 22. Danson was described as tall and as having a thick black beard which distinguished him from other members. He had a wider facial structure and an average white skin pigment. Danson's black hair would occasionally be swept up in the front. He had notably light brown eyes and thick eyebrows. Stress and a lack of sleep led to some dark bags forming beneath his eyes. He was slightly clumsy and not nearly as well trained at stealth as Gregory. Despite this, Danson excelled at organizing plans and members to get certain tasks done. He ultimately was pushed to do things he didn't believe in and was to frightened to speak out, ultimately resorting to lies to make himself sound tougher than he really was. However during his final moments Danson stuck up for what he believed in and was no longer a product of fear.