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Dante Felding was born in 1938. He'd befriend Johnathan Coldwel, Calvin Supco, and Brice in 1946 before later parting ways with them due to his strict parents. In 1955 Dante Felding would become a subject of interest in the SSC suspected of being an attacker. Despite Johnathan's kindness of holding off on confronting Dante, the latter would later join the newly created THEM. Dante would act as a financer of THEM into 1956 and eventually secretly leading the group to some extent. However this would all come to an abrupt end following the Magna Oil burning, in which Dante lost the funds needed to support the group and decided to leave.

Biography Edit

Dante was 8 years old when he befriended the young Calvin Supco, Johnathan Coldwel, and Brice. Despite their seemingly close friendship, Dante was later transferred into a private teaching system by way of his rich and strict parents. In 1954 Magna Oil would spread into Toparsburg and hire on Dante's father to manage the plant being constructed. Dante would become a subject of interest by the SSC a year later for engaging in activities similar to those of attackers. Despite having the option to confront him on this, Johnathan instead decided to allow his old friend to be spared. This would end up being a poor decision however, as Dante would later be drawn into THEM and (using the money passed down to him by his wealthy father) would fund THEM operations and kick start the super soldier program. It retaliation, the SSC thought up a plan of attack to capture Dante. Despite nearly being carried out flawlessly, the SSC failed to realize that Flags (one of it's own operatives) was a traitor and secretly leaked the mission plans to THEM, who stopped the entire mission and began Drathm 3. Following Drathm 3, Calvin Supco went missing and - in his place, Dante, Flags, and The Eye set themselves as the new leaders of THEM (along with several others). Dante was one of the individuals included in procuring money for the group while still maintaining the ruse that Calvin was still in control. Later, seeking revenge on THEM and increasingly growing more unstable, Johnathan Coldwel and several others set fire to the Magna Oil plant in secrecy, causing Dante to lose all the money coming from his father and nolonger be of use to THEM. Despite staying for a short while after these events, Dante would eventually pull away from THEM, noting that his entire family was moving due to the lack of income they were now receiving from Toparsburg.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Despite be friendly in his youth, Dante would grow to be a bully in his later years. Dante showed no remorse for betraying his former friend (Johnathan) and his overwhelming wealth made him one of the most vital members of THEM for financing reasons. Dante's position as leader of THEM was ornamental at best, offering him no real boosts in power. Despite being sharp tongued following the burning of Magna Oil, Dante was no fighter and didn't hold up well against danger or threats. Dante had messy blonde hair and very short/thin eyebrows. His eye coloration was a light gray tone. Dante often wore expensive clothing and his skin was fairly pale.