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Darkness (also known as Sid, Darek, and Dawn) (real name unknown) was born in 1984 and would first come into prominence after joining THEM with his younger brother Joseph in 2002. A debacle with the group's leader Talon resulted in them being forcefully kicked out of the group the same year. The following year in 2003, the two went on to join the SSC after a dream of Darkness's prompted them to retrieve a file on Gus Blakley. During this time they would come to train under Larson, Matt, and then finally Robert before achieving their goal and escaping from the SSC (though Darkness was heavily scarred during this escape effort). Darkness would later attempt to kill Gus's child Brett Blakley, who he believed would grow to become a great dark power, only to be stopped by Joseph just in time. Darkness successfully defeated Joseph, yet heeded his pleas not to kill Brett and subsequently vanished from the public eye. Years later, from at least 2008-2010, Darkness would watch over Brett and eventually meet him during Brett's time of burning rage and anguish. Darkness used Brett's hatred and lust for revenge to seduce him into becoming his apprentice. The two would train together until late 2011, wherein Brett would eventually betray his master and fight him alongside Tim Allender and George. Darkness was able to defeat them all and severely weaken Brett, though ultimately was unable to prevent himself from being pushed into a frozen lake and presumably drowning.

*Please note that there are no known photographs of Darkness. The picture above is of his younger brother Joseph. Due to their similar facial attributes and the fact that Joseph is wearing the same ski mask that Darkness would later dawn, it is safe to assume that Darkness looked quite similar to what is shown above.*

Biography Edit

Darkness's real name and early activities are shrouded in mystery. Joseph's mysterious memory loss prevented him from recalling their pasts and he refrains from mentioning to much prior to their employment with THEM. Their enrollment with THEM was strictly for Darkness's own personal gain. During this time the two went by false names and eventually made enemies with Talon, who Darkness beat up, resulting in the two being forcefully removed from THEM. Darkness would later have a dream regarding the SSC and how Gus Blakley (a former member) would come to have a son who would "injure" Darkness. As such, Darkness arranged a meeting with the SSC and eventually successfully enrolled himself (going by the name Derek) and Joseph into the group as they trained under Larson along with his apprentice Henry. The two would come in to train nearly every day, with Darkness personally training Joseph from time to time just as he had done in the past. Eventually Derek and Joseph passed enough of Larson's tests to be sent to a young SSC training camp where they would work under Matt to prepare to enter the actual SSC soldier fighting units. Outside of training, Darkness would begin to lie his way into getting closer to the SSC document base at the abandoned warehouse. Eventually both Darkness and Joseph were tasked with following Matt and his troops in a supply delivery, only for THEM forces to recognize Darkness and Joseph from their time within THEM and attacking in frustration against the orders of Talon, who was leading the unit. The ensuing battle marked the first time THEM had directly attacked the SSC in years, and ultimately Darkness and Joseph made a tremendous difference in fighting off the enemies which resulted in the capture of Talon. Talon was later transferred to the SSC headquarters where Brian questioned him; not believing anything he said about recognizing Darkness or Joseph. This resulted in war being declared against each other, and Darkness and Joseph needed to hurry and get the document before it was to late. Matt; seeing how skilled the two brothers were, allowed them to be transferred to Robert's SSC soldier training force, where the two would undergo multiple missions in fighting/preparing to fight THEM forces. This would lead to Derek and Joseph meeting up with Larson and Henry once again, who would take the two to the main SSC file base at the abandoned warehouse to show them around. It was here that Darkness put his plan into action and worked with Joseph to knock out Larson, steal weapons, and obtain the needed document. Unfortunately just as they had obtained Gus's file (which would help them track down his son) the duo was caught by Henry, who reported the incident, sending dozens of SSC members to attack the two. Derek and Joseph worked closely to fight off the hoards, with Darkness facing a re-awakened Larson after everyone else had been knocked out/injured. Due to injuries sustained in the battle and a sheer loss of energy, Darkness was badly scarred by Larson's piercing attacks, only to then surprise his foe by pushing at a large stack of wood, sending the material tumbling over him and injuring/entrapping Larson. Darkness was thought dead in this incident, but turned up not long afterwards, wearing Joseph's ski mask to hide the multitude of scars he endured. With the document now in his hands, Darkness left Joseph behind to find Brett, with Joseph eventually realizing that Darkness planned on killing Brett, who was actually only a child at this point in time. Darkness successfully knocked out the young Brett Blakley and was prepared to kill him until he was stopped by Joseph, who fought him in a long and grueling struggle in the snow. Darkness ultimately won the fight with his younger sibling, but was swayed by his words as Joseph pleaded with his brother not to kill Brett, and telling him that he himself was Darkness for wanting to kill a child. At this point, Joseph's brother firmly took up the title of Darkness, and left both Joseph and Brett in the cold as he vanished.

Years later as Brett grew and joined the SSC, Darkness would go on to watch him. He would witness Brett as he began to lose his temper and give into rage. This eventually led to Brett abandoning the SSC and his friends, in which Darkness then appeared to him, tricking Brett into becoming his apprentice and training with him to become stronger and get revenge. This resulted in Brett losing himself and hurting those around him as he fought under Darkness's ruling thumb. This was until Brett was forced to fight his former friends Tim Allender and George, who lost the fight but ultimately swayed Brett by speaking to him, causing Brett to turn against Darkness and apologize for his deeds. Darkness, now betrayed by his apprentice, appeared to the friends and brutally fought them; beating both Tim and George in submission before fighting Brett. Through this grueling winter fight in the midst of a storm, Darkness successfully broke Brett's arm but ultimately had not foreseen his apprentice to be so strong without using his rage. With all his remaining strength Brett was able to slowly push Darkness back through the snow and into a frozen lake below, where he promptly broke through the top icy layer and did not resurface, seemingly ending Darkness's rampage for good. Though the memory and fear of Darkness would extend far beyond his death and remain ingrained in the minds of those who encountered him.

Appearance/Personality Edit

Darkness was shown to be serious and strict to his younger brothers and those around him. His uncaring attitude and calm demeanor made him a terrifying opponent to encounter. He was a notably good liar, able to create three different false identities in his lifetime, tricking not only his brother, but the SSC, and even THEM. He was a notorious speaker, able to sway the minds of other individuals with ease by preying on their fears or wants. Ultimately Darkness was incredibly self-centered, refusing to help another person if it did not in some way benefit him. However he did show surprising consideration for Joseph's views on avoiding killing Brett, even so much as letting Brett live, well-aware that Brett would most likely someday kill him as his dreams suggested. Thus it can be argued that Darkness did look out for his brother to a somewhat admirable degree despite his strict and harsh behavior towards him. Darkness was a firm believer in meanings behind dreams, even allowing him to be able to learn of the identity of Gus Blakley, his role in the SSC, and the legacy of his son all without ever having met or heard of them. Darkness would depend on the premonitions multiple times in his lifetime to seemingly predict the future or make details clear. He was a legendary fighter, able to take down Talon, a hoard of younger SSC recruits in their own territory, Larson, Joseph, and even George, Tim, and Brett in a simultaneous fight. His powerful fighting abilities made him feared amongst not only the SSC, but THEM as well. He preferred to remain in the dark and work behind the scenes towards the later part of his life, but still was notably good at espionage and predicting enemy movements. He'd describe his incredible fighting as a result of being in a zone of calmness, in which a fighter truly reaches their maximum potential. It was only through reaching this calmness that Joseph was nearly able to beat Darkness. As far as fair battles go, Darkness was never shown to completely lose a fight. Prior to dawning the mask, Darkness was noted by his brother to have black eyes and hair with similar features to his own. He was not notable for ever smiling, unless it was part of his way of tricking another individual. After sustaining a plethora of deep scars in the fight with Larson, Darkness dawned Joseph's black ski mask and dressed primarily in dark colors to blend in with the night and stay warm in the cold winters.

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