General Timeline Information Edit

Devin was born in 2018. Through some means, he became separated from his family and joined Scythe in 2036. In 2038 he would become friends with Gregory and Marcus Blakley (who were both undercover agents with heavy ties to the SSC). He would assist Gregory in locating Tye.

Biography Edit

Devin's past is primarily unknown. Through some means or another, he became estranged from his family and was forced to turn to Scythe as a place to keep him fed and provide housing. He presumably took part in the robbing the town's bank in 2037. Not long afterwards, he'd become friends with the similarly aged Marcus Blakley; going under the alias of Justin; a new Scythe member. He'd also went on to meet Gregory; an undercover spy for the SSC; of whom he also became friends with. Devin assisted Gregory in warming up to the group and making the rules clear to him. Devin also was used by Gregory to locate Tye. Devin eventually succeeded in this; allowing Gregory to hunt Tye down for information on Tim Allender's whereabouts. Devin's status after the fall of Scythe is unknown.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Devin was incredibly friendly and open to those within Scythe; showing a sincere care and respect for his comrades and also understanding Scythe's role in catering to the needs of those without homes. His trust in his companions ultimately led him to becoming fiends with two spies simultaneously; never realizing their true intentions. Despite this oversight on his part; Devin still displayed astute knowledge on Scythe rules and code. He was described as having dark skin and a small nose. He also barred black hair and eyes. No other physical attributes were recorded.

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