General Timeline Information Edit

Drake Ballard was born in 2021 to Anthony Ballard. In late 2037 he'd begin working to rebuild the Brotherhood of Death much like his father. He was defeated by Gregory and Commander Spike in a surprise attack in 2038 before being captured.

Biography Edit

Drake Ballard's father; Anthony worked to rebuild the Brotherhood of Death following it's defeat at the hands of THEM. However Anthony was hunted down by Commander Delta and his elite unit who put an end to these efforts. After Drake's birth, he'd work to finish what his father started and rebuild the Brotherhood with the help of anonymous accomplices. His efforts were later found out by the SSC, but they were unable to muster an attack given their weakend state. As such, Gregory secretly took the mission to take out Drake; ambushing him outside of the collapsed Death Pit. Drake would put up a surprising fight; nearly defeating Gregory but being stopped with relative ease by Commander Spike. Spike then transferred Drake to SSC headquarters where he was brought to Chris for interrogation. All efforts to rebuild the Brotherhood finally collapsed with Drake's capture.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Drake was obsessed with revenge and restoration. He worked with incredible determination to bring the Brotherhood of Death back to life. He notable had anger issues and used his anger to fuel his fighting tactics. Drake was strong enough to best Gregory in a fight (though Gregory was notably untrained at this time). It took the likes of Commander Spike in a sneak attack to capture Ballard. No physical traits were noted of Drake or his father in SSC records

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