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Eliminator (real name Jeff) was born in 1995 and would lose his parents in 2003. He was given foster parents who were ultimately abusive, who he would escape from in 2004; preferring to live alone. The same year, he would meet Brett Blakley and the two would become friends. This remained until Eliminator grew frustrated with Brett and the SSC, before vanishing and joining THEM in 2006, and became an apprentice to Corruption. This action would ultimately end Brett and Eliminator's friendship and make them enemies. In 2010, after much training, Eliminator enacted in a surprise attack on Brett and George, defeating them both in a plan to humiliate and scare them. Later that same year, Eliminator was defeated by Brett and George and subsequently quit THEM before leaving Toparsburg at the SSC's request.

Biography Edit

Jeff was only 8 years old when his real parents died. He would go on to be adopted by foster parents who were abusive towards him; prompting Jeff to run away from home and live alone. Eventually he met Brett Blakley and the two became friends, with Jeff revealing his past to Brett. This friendship would persist until Jeff was turned down by the SSC (whom the former had attempted to gain entry into in order to live at their bases during cold or rainy days). The SSC refused Eliminator due to the incident with Joseph and Darkness, years prior, which caused so much trouble, that no-one was allowed to live at bases anymore. Now frustrated with both the SSC and everyone around him, Jeff disappeared for some time before being taken in by THEM, where he met Corruption; who became his master and taught him how to fight. This training was even kept secret from Corruption's other apprentice; Machine, with Corruption planning for Eliminator to replace Machine when the time was right, and possibly even become leader of the group. Jeff (now named Eliminator by THEM) would then begin behaving with more brutality to other kids, with Brett taking notice and the two ultimately becoming enemies due to different viewpoints. Eliminator would spend years training and frequenting The Death Pit as a make-shift home. Years later, Eliminator exacted his revenge on Brett by surprising his former friend as Brett was training George. Completely taken by surprise, Eliminator succeeded in defeating the two of them and spreading the word of their defeat. This action would ultimately lead to the entire school no-longer seeing Brett as a hero, but rather as a weakling who lost a two-on-one fight. The SSC, wanting to prove Brett's worth and hold him up as a figurehead, chose to arrange a second fight between the two. Trevor Sykes would go on to send Brett and George on a false mission to deliver documents, knowing that Eliminator would become aware of their presence in THEM territory. Indeed, the three would discover each other and get into a second, brutal fight. After much effort, Brett and George successfully overpowered the foe and defeated him. Eliminator would be taken into SSC custody, where he'd be forced to divulge information on THEM. Eliminator was then released on the grounds that he'd leave Toparsburg and THEM entirely, of which he seemingly obliged.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Although initially quite lively and friendly despite his troubled past, Jeff's personality would be very heavily impacted by his training with THEM and dislike towards the SSC. He became brutal and arrogant, with THEM as his only real family/tether. Eliminator's superior training and stealth skills allowed for him to defeat both Brett and George simultaneously; a success that very few individuals could lay claim to. Eliminator was also superior at spreading rumors and instilling fear upon his opponents, supposedly learning these skills from corruption. He was directly responsible for the school turning their backs on Brett and George, showing no remorse in doing so. Although Eliminator's hostility was quite notable, he did show some restraint when speaking to Brett, indicating a slight sense of respect. He was described as intimidating and muscular, as well as highly capable of living on his own for extended periods of time. Eliminator had curly, brown hair, hazel eyes and a prominent chin. He often wore caps of varying sorts and also preferred a distressed jean jacket baring the THEM logo. Eliminator featured a notable battle scar running through his right eyebrow and past his eye. Due to little sleep or proper living conditions, dark bags formed beneath Eliminator's eyes and dirt/grime often smudged his clothing.