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Eric was born in 1990 and joined the SSC in 2001 after training himself. He rose in rank in 2002 and later saved Tim Allender during a fight between THEM and the SSC in 2006. He would go on to train Tim and teach him morals until his apprentice lashed out at him and caused a breach in SSC security. Eric took the blame for this breach and was fired in 2007.

Biography Edit

Much of Eric's early life is unknown, but he did make it clear that he trained himself prior to joining the SSC, making him a well-respected member immediately upon joining at age 11. He quickly rose in rank the following year. In 2003, he and a friend came across Joseph and Darkness (under the guise of Derek) who were in the process of obtaining a secret file from the abandoned warehouse Eric was stationed in. Eric questioned why they were left without a guide, but his friend brushed it off, stating that the two were with Larson. Eric accepted this excuse and continued down the hall. It can be assumed he was among those SSC members who would later attack Derek and Joseph as they attempted to escape, with Eric either being injured or knocked out entirely.

As the war between the SSC and THEM was in full swing, Eric would later work to track down an SSC soldier who was captured by enemy forces, only for his unit to be attacked by Talon and his troops. During the ensuing battle, Eric noted a young Tim Allender accidentally getting caught in the fight. Acting quickly, Eric rescued Tim and told him to escape. Tim ultimately stayed to watch the fight progress and end, with Eric noting him and convincing Tim to join him in the SSC. Tim would accept this offer and become Eric's apprentice. Eric would go on to train with Tim in a multitude of both physical and mental tests. Tim slowly became annoyed by his master's difficult to comprehend words of wisdom and also despised Eric for never letting him on any important missions. Eric would later meet with Tim under a tree at the old park, telling him about a meeting that Tim mistook for a chance at gaining a mission. In his excitement, Tim would reveal to James information on this meeting. When Tim eventually learned from Eric that the meeting was not going to give him a mission, he lashed out as his master, only to then be attacked by THEM forces. Tim and Eric were separated in the attack and after the damage had been done, a meeting was hosted by Brian who prepared to fire Tim for his hand in causing the ambush. However just before this could be carried out, Eric took the blame for the attack and allowed Brian to fire him in place of Tim. Once this had been carried out, Eric spoke with Tim one final time, telling him he had a great many exciting adventures in his future and that it was time for him to go. Eric then left Tim and was never heard from again, though Tim would often visit the same tree he would meet Eric under whenever he (Tim) was feeling down.

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Eric was an incredibly stern and serious member of the SSC, closely abiding by it's rules of behavior and security even at a young age. He was well-liked among SSC members, including higher-ups and even the leader Brian himself. However, after taking the blame for the breech in security, Eric sacrificed his entire reputation within the SSC, becoming hated amongst it's members who did not know the truth. Eric was also a notable fighter, capable of holding his own against multiple foes simultaneously, and learning all these skills on his own without the need of a master. However due to his self-taught training, Tim noted that he was not one of the best fighters in the SSC. More around the area of being above average. He frequently recited quotes or other wise phrases to his apprentice, which would annoy Tim, but ultimately stick with him as time went on and make him into a better person. Eric was described as having shortly cut light brown hair, long eyebrows, and dressing in accordance with standard blue SSC garb. He was not described as being all to muscular despite his fuller face, but was still commended for his superior fighting style and calm demeanor. Eric also had brown eyes, an average white skin tone, and a notable chin. A small battle scar rested over the center of his nose, and some dark bags under his eyes were the result of light stress.