General Timeline Information Edit

Flags (real name unknown) was born in 1938. In 1952 he'd move to Toparsburg and befriend Johnathan Coldwel and Calvin Supco. In 1955 he went on to join the early SSC as an Origin. Flags would go on to assist the growing SSC before eventually betraying the group for the newly formed, THEM in 1956. After the disappearance of Calvin, Flags would also become one of several secret leaders of the group before being captured, interrogated, and kicked out of town by the vengeful Johnathan Coldwel.

Biography Edit

Flags was a drifter who refused to share information on his past or true identity. Despite always moving place to place, he had an interest in Toparsburg and stayed in town for multiple years, befriending Johnathan Coldwel, Calvin Supco, and many others. Flags would eventually go on to joining the SSC in it's efforts on attacking Ivan to avenge Brice. After training, Flags, along with the rest of the Origins successfully took out Ivan and later established the SSC as a much bigger unit comprised of kids all over the school/neighborhood. He notably began butting heads with Johnathan over issues of freedoms, believing that soldiers within the SSC had the right to fight without consulting Johnathan first. After being talked down by Johnathan on this matter, Flags would eventually act as a spy within the SSC for THEM before finally revealing his deceit during Drathm 3, where he successfully tricked and captured Jonathan, Summer, and Jacob before sending them to Calvin. Flags was present during the trio's exile into a snow storm (which nearly killed them). Shortly after these events, Calvin disappeared from THEM and Flags, Ivan, Dante Felding, and several others took control of the system (not telling THEM soldiers that their former leader had left and instead tricking them all into thinking he was simply in hiding). Flags and Ivan managed and oversaw future battles with the SSC until eventually Johnathan Coldwel tricked THEM into believing they were being arrested/shot at by police forces, causing all of Flags's and Ivan's men to retreat and Jonathan to single-handedly subdue the two before they were captured. Once in custody, Johnathan harshly interrogated Flags and beat him up in a way that mirrored the beating which Calvin had given him (Johnathan) prior to the snow exile of Drathm 3. Flags would go on to reveal Calvin's disappearance, much to Jonathan's anger and disbelief. Not long after, the increasingly unhinged Johnathan ordered for Flags to ride his motorcycle out of town during a snow storm and never return, with orders being given to a following SSC vehicle to "deal with him" if he slowed down or tried turning back. His fate in this matter is unknown.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Flags was notable for his calm and collected demeanor. He showed little passion towards any single thing, preferring to move from place to place and not revealing his past, instead taking on a new name that mirrored his travels from state to state (by collecting state flags). However Flags did show more than a passing interest in his motorcycle, car repair, the SSC, and later THEM. He was a skilled and foreboding fighter, using his superior strength a decent wit take down foes. As a leader, Flags displayed a highly working knowledge on obtaining funds and battle strategies (though this paled in comparison to minds such as Johnathan and Calvin). Flags particularly hated being told what to do, as evident by his refusal to attend school or be told off by Johnathan. Flags displayed a somewhat sadistic side, able to smile at his trio of former friends prior to their exile and later treat Johnathan and Jacob like enemies, and recalling none of the good ties they had in the past. Even during torture (which he could hold up to quite well) Flags was still capable of talking down to Johnathan to some degree and point out his fall from grace. Flags was described as looking somewhat similar to Jacob, but with short black hair and a thick leather jacket. Due to stress and staying up increasingly late, Flag's gained dark bags under his eyes while his skin tone also grew somewhat paler. Flags also featured a prominent chin and long eyebrows. Lastly, Flags was described as being quite tall and, following his questioning by Johnathan, lost a tooth and received multiple other facial wounds.