General Timeline Information Edit

Francis was born in 1999 and would become infatuated with both the SSC and THEM at an early age. Years later, he would meet Tim Allender during the latter's time missing from the public eye. Brett Blakley would later meet personally with Francis in 2013 to discuss theories regarding Corruption's return.

Biography Edit

Francis first encountered the SSC when various troopers needed a place to meet, following issues in their old hangouts. Francis would offer up his home to the troopers, gradually growing more and more infatuated with the intricacies of the SSC and THEM, bringing it upon himself to memorize details concerning both groups, eventually amassing an impressively large collection of info. Much later, in 2010, he'd meet Tim Allender, offering help in updating Tim on events which had transpired while he was away. Much later, Brett Blakley would visit Francis for information regarding Corruption, as it was believed he could have been posing as the mysterious new figure known as Night Riser. Francis would quickly dismiss these ideas and go on to tell Brett that Corruption and his family had actually moved from the town after the THEM leader's incident, meaning that any contact with Corruption or vice-versa was incredibly unlikely. Brett would thank Francis and depart with this turn in his investigation.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Francis held no affiliation towards the SSC or THEM, meaning he had received no battle injuries and dressed like an average individual. His knowledge on SSC and THEM member's lives was his most remarkable attribute as he memorized a variety of obscure and detailed information regarding troopers and events throughout SSC and THEM history. His knowledge was expansive enough for him to recall even the slightest of details almost instantly. Francis was somewhat shy and soft-spoken, though when it came to his knowledge, he was a bit more forthcoming and would occasionally find the courage to be more expressive. His friendliness and inquisitiveness towards the SSC gave him access to soldiers spread throughout the country. Francis had very curly brown hair and his skin tone was somewhat pale. His eyes were a distinctly light blue and his eyebrows were quite small/thin. He also utilized glasses.