General Timeline Information Edit

Francis was born in 1998 and later would meet Tim Allender during the latter's time missing from the public eye. Brett Blakley would later meet personally with Francis in 2013 to discuss theories regarding Corruption's return.

Biography Edit

Francis was an intelligent, young individual who met with Tim Allender in 2010. It is unclear exactly how or why the two met or what their status as friends are, but Francis would later show great interest in both SSC and THEM culture. Francis became so well educated in these fields that he was almost immediately capable of identifying Brett Blakley on first glance. Brett learned of Francis's whereabouts through Tim, who suggested Brett meet with Francis to discuss his theory that Corruption had returned and was posing as the elusive figure known as Night Riser. Francis would go on to tell Brett that Corruption and his family had actually moved from the town after the incident, meaning that any contact with Corruption or vice-versa was incredibly unlikely; ultimately eliminating Corruption as a suspect. In all actuality Night Riser was revealed to be Nick, who had tricked Brett into believing Corruption was Night Riser so that Brett would leave his post to find Francis, giving Nick and his troops time to raid the SSC file outpost Brett was stationed at and steal documents that would later be sent to The Brotherhood of Death.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Francis was noted to wear glasses but otherwise held no affiliation towards the SSC or THEM; meaning he had received no battle injuries and dressed like an average individual. His knowledge on SSC and THEM member's lives was admirable enough for Tim to remember him years later, though Brett would internally be annoyed by Francis's lack of seriousness in the matter at hand.

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