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George was born in 1997. In early 2010 he would become friends with Brett Blakley and not long after, become his apprentice within the SSC. That same year he would be defeated by Eliminator in a surprise attack. George and Brett would later work together to defeat Eliminator and Corruption. Before the year's end, George would meet Samantha as Brett began to lose control of his rage, prompting the two to later become enemies. In 2011 George entered a relationship with Samantha and was later defeated in a short battle with his former master. Hoping to keep Brett away from Samantha, both her and George decided to pretend as if they'd both broken up and moved on. George was later defeated a second time in an equally short surprise attack by Brett, who took some pity on him after observing his supposed loss of Samantha and dissatisfaction with the SSC. This dissatisfaction (as well as several other factors) would lead to George quitting the group. George would later be met by Tim Allender who would team up with George to stop Brett's rampage. George was knocked unconscious during the fray, but later awoke in time to save the two from being killed by Darkness. George was able to hold Darkness off (with help from Tim) long enough for Brett to eventually defeat the foe for good. George recovered from his injuries in late 2011, rejoined the SSC, and also chose to make Tye his apprentice. In early 2012, he'd agree to work with Brett and Tim as a leader within the SSC, though he'd eventually back off from this later in the year, as he did not believe himself to have enough knowledge on the matter, and also wanted to pay more attention to Samantha. In 2013, he'd meet at the abandoned warehouse with his friends, only to be ambushed by Blade, of whom George helped to fight off. He'd also go on to work with Tye to expose Rick as he truly was to the entire school, which was successful. He'd later join a rescue party to recover Brett and Tim, only to be captured by the Brotherhood in the process. George was freed shortly afterwards as the SSC and the Brotherhood struck a deal to work together in order to defeat the returning THEM. George would then head into the battle zone once more, wherein the SSC would come out victorious, though heavily damaged. George would spend the rest of his time rebuilding the SSC before eventually retiring in 2014. George later went to college in 2017. George and Samantha went on to get married and eventually (in 2021), Samantha would give birth to George's only son; Gregory. George would begin training his son in the ways of the SSC in 2031 and watch his progress over time; encouraging him.

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George was 11 when he became friends with Brett Blakley after moving to Toparsburg, and took up the role as Brett's apprentice within the SSC. The two would train and meet often, with Brett gradually teaching George the ways of the SSC, on one occasion even going so far as to humiliate the notorious bully Jack in order to teach George that all bullies were the same. Despite some initial rockiness, the two would grow to be close friends. George and Brett's popularity and reverence would swiftly decline following their surprise defeat at the hands of Eliminator during a training session. While Brett would grow to despise those who treated him poorly, George would learn to control his anger. George later worked with Brett to defeat Eliminator in a grueling second battle, and later even assisted Brett in transporting the heavily injured Corruption to a hospital. As Brett began to give in to his anger, George would meet Samantha and quickly form a bond with her. George would later encounter Brett, Jack, and a beaten Tye. Due to Brett's recent savage behavior, George took this as meaning Brett had beaten up Tye out of rage. This distrust by his apprentice was the final breaking point for Brett, who began to despise his former apprentice and turn to Darkness. George would later enter a relationship with Samantha, yet constantly was on edge of Brett's activities; even being beaten by Brett in two surprise attacks. George somewhat understood Brett's distaste for the SSC, and ended up briefly leaving the group in order to further protect Samantha and to clear his head. As George began to lose further hope, he was met by Tim Allender; who had returned in order to work with George to stop Brett. The two encountered Brett at Samantha's house and fought harshly, ending with George being knocked out and Tim and Brett easing each other into a stalemate. George would awaken not long after, just in time to find Darkness on the property, preparing to kill both Tim and Brett. George used the element of surprise to tackle Darkness away from the area and save the two. Both Darkness and George fought for some time, with Tim eventually finding enough strength to join in, but ultimately they're combined efforts were not enough, with Darkness finally besting the two and preparing to finish them off, only to be knocked into the nearby frozen waters of Marinay River by the reawakened Brett Blakley. George would heal from his extensive injuries and patch things up with his master over time, also rejoining the SSC. He'd assist in spreading the lie that Brett's recent dark activities were the result of a self-imposed undercover mission. The SSC bought into this story, and went on to hold George in high regards for his efforts at helping to stop Darkness. George would also go on to make Tye his apprentice. George would later agree to share leadership over the SSC with Tim and Brett (at Tim's request) following Zach's leaving.

As the years went on, George would manage meetings as a highly respected SSC soldier. He was even permitted to meet at the abandoned warehouse to discuss top secret/crucial information with Brett, Tim, Tye, and Samantha. This would eventually lead to a surprise attack by Blade, who was fought off by the group. With war later being declared on The Brotherhood of Death, George volunteered to take down Rick (one of James's top apprentices) with the help of Tye. Their request was accepted by Commander Delta and although initially rocky, the two successfully managed to record Ricks sinister intentions, allowing the information to leak to the school. Rick would immediately lose popularity upon these revelations and go into temporary hiding. George would later lead his own unit when raiding The Death Pit. Although the base initially seemed abandoned, George's team was eventually ambushed and forced into submission. George would later be rescued as Tim, Delta, and Brett worked their way to the holding area. The raid would eventually end in success, with Rick and other enemy troops being captured and interrogated. George would later join a rescue party tasked with recovering Tim and Brett from Specter's Forest. Though they would find the leaders, the group was quickly attacked by a Brotherhood unit led by Blade, and George was captured. Not long afterwards, Brett would manage to convince Blade to work alongside the SSC in order to defeat the returning THEM. As such, George was released and allowed to return to the forming war, in which the SSC would come out victorious, though heavily damaged. George would work closely with his friends over the following months to rebuild the SSC before his eventual retirement.

George later married Samantha and together the two had a son named Gregory, who George told stories to regarding the SSC; even training him to some degree. Gregory supported his son's decision to enter the SSC, yet still heavily worried about him being hurt due to the dangers Scythe posed. Eventually George and Gregory agreed that fighting was not everything, resulting in Gregory leaving the SSC with respect.

Personality/Appearance Edit


George was boisterous and comical during his younger years. He often spoke what was on his mind, yet still was commended by Brett for being able to endure incredibly tough training or harsh criticism, hardly ever losing his temper. Brett would occasionally think George to be dumb due to his friendly and trusting personality, though George was notably crafty for his age. George's friendliness and big heart allowed him to have an immediate bond with Samantha, whom he would fiercely try to protect on multiple occasions. As George matured; he retained his comical/sarcastic quips, and lost a few the attributes some found annoying. George remained quite considerate of others, never wishing to stir up trouble. He also grew cynical enough to see some of the SSC's shortcomings. He was an incredibly skilled fighter, one who was notable for encountering and fighting nearly every major threat to the SSC during the later 2010's. He was somewhat decent at stealth and was capable of holding his own in nearly any fair battle, though he was susceptible to surprise attacks or multiple attackers at once. Upon losing Brett as his master for some time, George grew increasingly somber and secretive. He'd grow so tired of the SSC's doings, he'd briefly quit for some time, though this was also a move to protect Samantha more persistently. Thankfully, George's attitude returned to being quite chipper upon Brett's return to the SSC. George grew to be a loving/caring husband and father; supporting any decisions made by his son and doing his best not to worry Samantha. He was described as having blond hair which fluctuated between shortly cut and slightly longer and styled. His eyebrows were very thin and long, and his skin was tanned. George also featured a somewhat larger nose and blue eyes. Battle scars rested around his chin and jawline. In his later years, George's facial structure grew wider and a cleft formed at his chin. George's eyebrows grew thicker and both his hair and eyes became a slightly darker tone. George kept his hair much shorter during this time, and some age marks appeared around his face. Most of his scars faded from sight, though some would remain slightly visible.