General Timeline Information Edit

Green (real name Dominic) was born in 2027. He'd go on to join the SSC in 2038 during it's time of damage due to the threat of Scythe. Once Scythe was eliminated, Green officially became the apprentice of Commander Spike.

Biography Edit

Dominic was 9 years old when he joined the SSC. Due to the SSC's crippled state, he was not officially trained nor sent on any missions (aside from a training mission of which he aced; unlike Gregory); but instead kept under strict watch of Commander Spike. Later, Dominic would nearly disrupt Gregory's staged mission and blow his cover in front of Danson; with Gregory able to save Dominic's life by knocking him out before he could cause a disturbance. Once Scythe was finally destroyed, Dominic (now officially named Green) would become Spike's apprentice.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Despite the danger that Scythe imposed, Green was still set on sticking with the SSC, suggesting a large amount of courage on his part, especially considering his young age. Green was also highly obedient, following orders exactly; even allowing him to succeed in a training mission whereas Gregory was not. He was described as short, as well as chipper. His blonde hair was also noted to be slicked up in the front and long around the sideburns. He had a somewhat notable chin, a slightly large nose, and hazel eyes. He also had an average white skin tone.