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Gregory was born in 2021 to George and Samantha. He was trained by his father in the ways of the SSC in 2031, following a fight with the bully Steven - in which Gregory won. In 2038, Gregory defeated Steven a second time and later joined the SSC. It was here that he would be introduced to Team Ice and Commander Spike. Gregory would also come to fail a capture attempt on Hawk and later barely manage to weaken Drake Ballard with the help of Spike. Gregory would also be tasked with infiltrating Scythe; meeting the 'Negatives' in the process and slowly working his way to find Tye and Tim Allender. Gregory would eventually be caught by the organization and be forced to battle it's co-leader Trigger in an effort to reclaim stolen bank funds and save SSC lives. Gregory ultimately won the battle and later came to the conclusion that fighting was not everything; deciding instead to respectfully leave the SSC.

Biography Edit

Gregory was born to Samantha and George. He'd later be bullied by a boy named Steven when he was 10. Gregory won the fight and as such; was trained by his father in the ways of the SSC so as to better handle threats in the future, and possibly join the elusive group themselves. Years later Gregory would fight Steven once again; this time attracting the SSC's attention. To gain acceptance into the group; Gregory was tasked with hunting down Hawk. Though Gregory did find the foe and subdue him; he was swayed by Hawk's pleading and let him go, later finding out that Hawk was in on the whole thing, and that the mission was really just a test of ethics. Nevertheless, Gregory was accepted into the SSC and later took it upon himself to hunt down and capture Drake Ballard; who planned on bringing The Brotherhood of Death back to life. Gregory found Drake but was ultimately unable to take him down without surprise assistance from Commander Spike. Still impressed by Gregory; Spike gave him the incredibly difficult mission of becoming an undercover Scythe agent; working to reclaim stolen money or figure out how to take the group down before they could launch a retaliatory strike on the S.S.C. Gregory would meet the mysterious Negatives while infiltrating the base; and later befriend Marcus Blakley (going by Justin) and Devin. Gregory slowly worked to locate Tye while keeping suspicious eyes off his back by going on missions with Danson. Finally Gregory discovered Tye and questioned him on Tim Allender's whereabouts; so that the mystery of where Brett had gone could be revealed. Thanks to Tye, Gregory discovered Tim (now living as a hermit) and learned that Brett had gone MIA in the military years prior after dropping out of college, believing that "...fighting was the only thing he was good at." Shortly thereafter, Scythe learned of Gregory being an undercover agent and killed Danson for participating with him. Now being hunted under tense situations; Gregory was forced to fight against Scythe with the help of the SSC; eventually facing Trigger to reclaim half of the stolen bank funds. Negative attempted to save Gregory; only to get shot by the foe. After an intense battle; Gregory came out victorious over Trigger. As the SSC built it's power back up and Scythe faded away, Gregory learned that Brian Ward (Shadow) was actually one of the Negatives who was actually running almost the entire issue from behind the scenes. Gregory would also learn the other negative to be Marcus Blakley, who had returned the stolen funds to his father (who had gone MIA on purpose) for returning to the bank. Gregory eventually came to the personal decision that fighting was everything and that he did not want to end up like Brett or Scythe. As such; he respectfully left the SSC.

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Gregory was put on a high pedestal among his comrades for being the son of two legendary SSC members. He struggled to maintain the level of hopes others had for him; but still was intensely interested in helping kids and joining the SSC. Gregory had the urge to act before thinking; putting his heart above his head at times as he took up missions and acted differently to please the conceptual ideas of those around him. Gregory was an excellent spy and fighter; hiding within Scythe for some time without raising suspicion, and not letting the intense stress of the situation get the better of him. His training with George, the SSC, and Tim Allender only helped hone his senses even further. Gregory's big heart did cause issues for him as he began to feel sorry for those within Scythe; so much so that he was no longer sure if what he was doing was right. Nevertheless; Gregory's will was incredibly strong; allowing him to fight to the brink of pure exhaustion with armed and unarmed foes alike. Gregory was decently intelligent; capable of lying his way through Scythe; yet he was never totally aware of Shadow's role on the issue, as well as Justin's true identity, or Brett's role until it was directly explained to him. Gregory was described as having dirty blonde hair which was cut incredibly short. He had a pink skin pigment and a somewhat wide nose. Gregory also had notably thin eyebrows and hazel eyes.