General Timeline Information Edit


Guppy (real name unknown) was born in 2022 and would go on to join the SSC in 2037 as the newest member to join since Scythe's declaration of war on the SSC. He'd spend his time aiding in the efforts of Team Ice to get the missing money back.

Biography Edit

Guppy joined the SSC shortly following it's war against Scythe and was highly criticized/picked on by Patch and other members of Team Ice to some degree; who stuck to calling him Guppy as a code-name. Despite these issues, Guppy stuck with the SSC and remained in their service until the war finally ended.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Guppy was described as being incredibly quiet and fearful, often having trouble building up enough courage to talk to fellow teammates. He was described as having black hair brushed up in the front. His eye color was equally black and his eyebrows maintained a notable arch shape. He was not particularly muscular or tall but still had enough internal bravery to stick with the SSC even throughout the hard times of war.

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