General Timeline Information Edit

Gus Blakley was born in 1965. He would grow to join the SSC in 1975 and leave the group later the same year. His son; Brett Blakley was born in 1996.

Biography Edit

Gus Blakley joined the SSC for only a year at the age of 10 before quitting. Nevertheless, his file and family information were taken by the SSC and stored along with other member files in the abandoned warehouse. At age 31, he would have a son named Brett. Darkness would later have a premonition dream of Gus Blakley and his son, who would go on to kill him in the future. As such, Darkness's primary goal was to locate Gus's file and use it to help pinpoint the location of Brett, which he eventually succeeded in.

Brett would occasionally reference his father off-hand, but besides this he was mostly absent from any future appearance.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Gus Blakley was never explicitly described in appearance, though it is fairly safe to assume he looked somewhat similar to his son. Brett made it clear that Gus was not often around the house and didn't care what sort of trouble Brett got into, though Brett did seem to imply his father somewhat approved of the SSC due to his short time employed by them.