General Timeline Information Edit

Hawk (real name unknown) was born in the year 2020. He'd go on to join the SSC in 2034. In 2038 he'd take part in the early training exercise with Gregory; ultimately being defeated by the upcoming member; but yet making him fail to to giving in to emotions. He'd later work to fight Scythe alongside the others.

Biography Edit

Hawk joined the SSC at age 14. He'd participate in the attack on Scythe to reclaim stolen bank money in 2037. In 2038 Hawk would be be used as part of Gregory's training to join the SSC. Gregory was told to hunt Hawk; who was described as a traitor. Gregory eventually tracked Hawk down at Mellow Falls and defeated him; only for Hawk to fake crying and fear in order for Gregory to let him go. Gregory gave in to his emotions and overall failed the test (as he would later learn). Hawk would spend the rest of that year teaching Gregory a few SSC tips. He'd also assist in the battle against Scythe to a small extent.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Hawk was a by-the-books SSC member; receiving and giving orders thanks to his fairly high rank. He was somewhat decent at stealth and fairly more astute at fighting combatants even without a team to aid him. Hawk was a surprisingly good actor; capable of faking tears and managing to trick Gregory into letting him go in an incredibly short period of time. Hawk was noted as having a deep voice and was also noted by Gregory to wear traditional SSC garb (including but not limited to) a red and black vest with a brown belt and M-Stick. Other physical features were not detailed in SSC records.

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