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Henry was born in 1988 and later joined the SSC in 2001; becoming Larson's apprentice. In 2003 he would both meet and train with Derek and Joseph as he simultaneously attempted to rise in rank and establish a new SSC training outpost. He'd participate in multiple defensive maneuvers against THEM before eventually participating in a tour of the SSC file outpost with Derek and Joseph, where he would learn the two were traitors and mount a strike against them. Henry would be beaten by Joseph in the excursion and eventually retire in 2007.

Biography Edit

Henry joined the SSC at age 13. Once within this faction he would be taken under the wing of Larson; who would go on to be his master. Henry would train under Larson for some time and gradually rise in rank as he dreamed of setting up a new SSC training outpost. He would later meet Derek and Joseph; two brothers looking to join the SSC. Henry and Larson would train with the two for multiple days on end, with Henry sparing with Derek (who was holding back) some of the time. Eventually Larson moved the two over to Matt's training force. Though later Henry would meet Joseph and Derek again as they met following a THEM attack which was pushed back by SSC reinforcements led by Larson. Derek would go on to convince Henry and Larson to give them a tour of the SSC file outpost where they (Joseph and Derek) secretly wished to steal a file on Gus Blakley. During the tour, Derek and Joseph separated from the group and rummaged through files, only to be caught by Henry, who alerted the entire base to the presence of the traitors. Henry worked with other members to take the two brothers out, with Henry even fighting Joseph directly, only to get into a stalemate as the two knocked each other out simultaneously. Joseph would later awaken and escape, leaving Henry to tended to the wounded. Despite this tremendous defeat, Henry would still gain the title of "Specter" and create the SSC training outpost in the exterior and interior of a heavily wooded area of which was named Specter's Forest and Specter's Tree respectively.

In 2007, Specter held a high position of power within the SSC after establishing bases and arranging important meetings. He'd be in control of silencing loud members in the crowd as well as announcing the arrival of the leader Brad. He'd make a particularly notable appearance in the meeting deciding the fate of Tim Allender, who was being held responsible for an attack on SSC forces. He witnessed Eric take the blame for Tim's failings and kept the room under control as troopers became angered. Specter would go on to retire the same year, not ever taking on an apprentice of his own. Before retirement, Tim would mention that Specter once made a passing statement that Tim would make a good leader, which did eventually occur.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Despite his status as an apprentice, Henry exhibited a surprising level of maturity and levelheadedness. He even crafted goals for himself in order to leave a legacy, both benefiting himself and the rest of the SSC as a whole. He was decent in hand-to-hand combat and excelled at working with a team. He shared many qualities of his master, and used his fighting prowess and verbal tone to talk down or gradually beat down an enemy. He showed himself skilled enough to match Joseph's strength (though admittedly Joseph was quite tired by this point). As he rose in rank, Henry largely stepped back from fighting, working more to set up bases and organize meetings. Within meetings, he was noted to be in charge of keeping the peace and preventing troopers from becoming to unruly. He was described as orderly and was noted to have long, red hair which covered both his ears and much of his forehead. Henry was also described as having a decent build of muscles. He also exhibited a wider nose and an average white skin tone. His eyes were an incredibly light blue color. No scars or bruises were noted.