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Jack was born in 1995. He would later go on to bully other kids throughout the school before being beaten up with ease by Brett Blakley in 2010. Jack would resent this beating and would go on to train for awhile before confronting Brett once more, to which he lost again, but was essentially spared by Brett, who wished to give him a second chance. Later, the same year, Jack injured Tye, prompting Brett to unleash his full rage onto the foe, finally beating him for good and telling Tye to call the police to take Jack away so he could not harm another person again or continue his plans to move away.

Biography Edit

Jack was a standard bully found in Brett Blakley's school, who used bullying as a means of impressing his girlfriend. Eventually, Brett would casually use Jack as an example to George during the latter's training and successfully beat of Jack to prove a point that all attackers fought the same. At the time, Jack was picking on Random Kid, who likely purposefully instigated the situation to test Brett's strength. Obviously neither Brett nor Jack were truly aware that this was the case. Ultimately, upon losing respect as a result of this beating, Jack would go on to vigorously train so that he could face Brett again and make him pay. Jack's efforts eventually evolved into plans to hurt those Brett cared most for. Brett successfully stopped and defeated Jack on his first attempt at hurting an innocent. Brett took some pity on the foe, allowing him a second chance of sorts. Jack would ultimately not be satisfied with this loss, and went on to devise a new plan which Brett could not hope to stop. No longer caring what happened to himself, and also feeling nearly untouchable upon learning his family was moving from Toparsburg soon, Jack ambushed Tye at the latter's house and proceeded to harshly beat him. Brett was incapable of stopping this thrashing in time, and became enraged upon seeing his heavily injured friend. In the end, Jack's beating of Tye was nearly the final straw for Brett, who gave into his rage and beat Jack up so fiercely that his opponent could hardly move or speak. George would later enter the scene and mistake Brett for beating up Tye. This act of mistrust by George finally pushed Brett to leave his apprentice and the SSC, and stumble across Darkness. Jack was left with his injuries and Tye was told to call the police when he had the strength to do so, in order to take Jack away. It is unknown whether the police arrived in time or if Jack made a final getaway and successfully moved from town.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Prior to being beaten by Brett the first time, Jack exhibited qualities of an average bully, and was defeated with ease accordingly. He would pick on kids mainly to impress his girlfriend, or to seek justice against an individual that may have wronged him even in the slightest. Unable to look past his grudges whatsoever, Jack would go on to work out for about a year, in which he gained a considerable amount of muscle mass, and was capable of holding his own against Brett for a much longer period of time. Jack would eventually become obsessed with hurting those that Brett cared about, no longer caring about what happened to him. This attitude and his lack of ties to THEM, made Jack a dangerous wildcard. Jack was not notable for intelligence, but was capable of simple reasoning, and somewhat advanced stealth skills, though all of this was self taught and without much experience. Jack had shortly cut, light brown hair, he was also notably tall and with superior girth when compared to many others. He featured a prominent cleft chin, a wider facial structure, and small/thin eyebrows. Jack had a pink skin tone and (due to little rest) had distinct dark bags form under his eyes. Jack's eye color was a dark hazel. Following his final battle with an enraged Brett, Jack was fiercely beaten in the face, causing a loss of teeth and substantial bruising. His nose was likely broken in the incident, among other things.