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James was born in 1994 and would later attend the same school as Tim Allender. He would go on to join THEM in 2002 and later met Tim in the school basketball team in early 2003, becoming friends with him as they shared the same birthday. Later in early 2007, James would learn that Tim had joined the SSC and tricked his friend into revealing the location of an SSC meeting-place; resulting in a brutal siege on the SSC. Tim would learn of James's hand in this ordeal, prompting the two into becoming enemies. James would go on to quit THEM and establish his own group called The Brotherhood of Death, to get revenge on his former friend. Though Tim ultimately confronted James in 2010 before the plan could reach fruition, resulting in James's face being brutally scarred after a fall. James would go on to disappear until 2011, where he silently worked to establish the Brotherhood a second time, recruiting Blade and Rick among others. In 2013, war would finally arise between the new Brotherhood and the SSC, with James calling the shots from behind the scenes. As this war between the SSC, The Brotherhood, and the returned THEM raged on, Tim confronted James one last time at the Death Pit. Tim would refuse to fight his old friend shortly before the entire premises began to collapse. James was caught in this destruction and seemingly killed.

Biography Edit

James was just 8 years old when he joined THEM as a soldier. He would go on to join the school basketball team, where he would meet Tim Allender and the two became immediate friends. This friendship would last for years, with the two often meeting in the halls to chat or hang out. James kept his employment as a THEM member secret from Tim, and used his influence to make sure no THEM member ever hurt his friend. However after learning that Tim joined the SSC, he came up with the plot to trick Tim into revealing a special meeting location. The trick was successful and James was able to convince Talon to mount a strike on the SSC forces. Tim would later realize this betrayal and confront James, with the two unable to reach any friendly agreement. This ultimately led to the two becoming enemies.

Later, James would quit THEM and form his own unit called The Brotherhood of Death. However, before these plans could fully come to fruition, Tim intervened and met up with Jame's on a lake-side, where the two fought and James was pushed down onto the rocky shore below, scraping his face against the jagged stones, and terribly scarring it. James then went back into hiding and silently recreated The Brotherhood, even recruiting Blade and Rick to act as commanders of troopers.

James would eventually start to send both Blade, Rick, and other soldiers on multiple mission to capture/harass Tim for quite some time, eventually leading to Tim falling into a deep stress, as he struggled to keep the attacks a secret from his friends. Eventually though, the SSC learned of The Brotherhood and mounted a war against them. James chose to keep the Brotherhood largely quiet during this time, opting to have the SSC be the first ones to carry out most attacks, as he knew this would further add to Tim's and many others' paranoia. James would remain hidden throughout much of the war, though he would briefly be heard scolding Rick for his failure in capturing Brett and Tim during the Death Pit raid. He'd then order for captured SSC elites to be brutally hurt repeatedly, until they began giving answers, though this would be halted by Tim's rescue. Tim and Brett would later be informed by Night Riser that James had gone into hiding at the Death Pit while the war between the Brotherhood, THEM, and the SSC was in full effect, leading Tim to confront his old friend one last time. James would then reveal to Tim that the entirety of the Brotherhood was created for the sole-purpose of breaking Tim's spirit, which was beginning to work as Tim was now experiencing sharp, crippling pains throughout his head. Tim realized in this moment that fighting James would only serve to feed his lust for revenge, and chose to turn his back on the enemy, and begin walking away. James would attempt to attack Tim during this moment of weakness, only to be swiftly kicked into one of the walls. At that moment, the harsh winds of the storm outside suddenly began to cause the entire Pit to collapse. James would immediately get caught beneath a piece of the wreckage, with Tim briefly trying to save him, unable to see in the darkened space. Tim would abruptly find himself pushed back during this time, saving him from being crushed. With no other options, Tim fled from the Pit, unsure if James had been the one to save him, or if it had been something else. Without Tim's leadership, and with Blade choosing to return to a normal life, The Brotherhood would almost entirely fall apart. Search teams were unable to find James's body following the war, though this was largely due to debris being too heavy to lift. James's loss would having a lasting impact on Tim's life, as he would greatly lose interest in fighting.

Personality/Appearance Edit

James was a personable/friendly individual when not working with THEM. He had a deep care in both keeping his friends safe from harm, as well as a deep-seeded hatred for the SSC. Despite his often charming attitude, James could quickly lose his temper and behave with overwhelming brutality if things did not go according to his own sets of plans. James grew to be intelligent and resourceful enough to create his very own fighting force, though it best thrived from the shadows. His cynicism and eventual hatred of Tim would lead him to come to a conclusion that the SSC, THEM, and even his own Brotherhood group were nothing more than kids acting as if they were adults. During this time, James would only obsess over enacting revenge on Tim, who he would blame for his problems, especially following the scarring on the left side of his face. His obsession caused him to use everyone else as mere tools, as he no-longer cared about hardcore tactics or injuries, so long as his endeavors would, in some way or another, begin to wear down Tim's spirit. James showed little emotion in his older years except for anger and resentment, unable to let the past die without ending Tim. Despite this bloodthirsty behavior, there was a possibility that James still felt some attachment to his former friend, as he may have saved his life during the Death Pit collapse, though this is only a theory. As far as appearance went, James was described as tall, muscular, and as having light brown hair. He also featured thin eyebrows and a cleft in his chin. Following his battle with Tim by the lake, the left side of James's face was horribly scarred, with James choosing to bandage it up; hiding the wounds under bloodied/dirtied bandages. Jame's facial structure would also grow wider and his eyebrows grew longer with age. Additionally, his hair grew darker. James's eyes were a brown tone. James's lust for revenge led to him running away from his home and avoiding detection for years on end; implying he was skilled at living alone yet still making ends meet. His fighting style was incredibly brutal as well, with him teaching Blade and Rick with enough efficiency to allow them both to hold their own against top SSC members, James himself was capable of beating Tim within an inch of his life; demonstrating a level of power unheard of since Darkness.