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Johnathan Coldwel (also called SSC or The Blood Man) was born in 1938. In 1946 he'd become friends with Calvin Supco, Dante Felding and Brice. And much later into that year would also become friends with Jacob. Later in 1952, Johnathan would also befriend Teddy and Flags. Johanthan and Summer would enter a relationship in 1953. In 1955, following the death of Brice, Johnathan would go on to establish the SSC and take down Ivan and other threats to the school as the organization grew. In 1956, Johnathan and Calvin would have a falling out, leading to Calvin constructing THEM to combat the SSC. This would lead to Johnathan spearheading multiple battles between the two factions, nearly losing his life on one occasion and gradually becoming increasingly unhinged due to his desire to exact revenge upon Calvin. This would lead to the Magna Oil burning and the Johnathan Coldwel incident among other things.

Biography Edit

Johnathan Coldwel's mother died during childbirth upon bringing Johnathan into the world, leading to his father never quite getting over the event and falling into an alcoholic depression, often ignoring his son completely. Despite these harsh beginnings, Johnathan Coldwel went on to befriend Brice, Dante Felding, Calvin Supco, and later Jacob (who had similar family lives, except for Dante). The crew would gradually drift apart and Johnathan would move on to meeting Flags and Teddy among others (though he still remained very good friends with Jacob and Calvin for the most part). Johnathan would later meet Summer following one of his baseball practices (of which Calvin was also involved in). The two would eventually hook up following prom. It was in the late Summer of 1955 that Johnathan Coldwel witnessed Ivan picking on a defenseless Brice. Instead of intervening, Johnathan left the area and would later learn that Brice had killed himself due to the constant bullying in his life. Now racked with depression and guilt, Johnathan would go on to establish a fighting force capable of avenging Brice by attacking and defeating Ivan and his friends. Johnathan would induct Jacob, Mask, Noah, and Flags as Origins of his group (along with Summer supporting him from the sidelines). The attack would later be a success and the fighting force entered it's golden age, in which multiple individuals from all around the school and neighborhood joined the cause to fight other attackers around the school. This would eventually take a turn for the worse however as Johnathan and Calvin began having difficulties seeing eye-to-eye on the fighting force (later called the SSC)'s impact on the community and how it endangered the lives of it's troopers and promoted violence. After being talked out of quitting by Noah, Johnathan would completely shut out Calvin's thoughts, leading to the latter breaking away from the group and establishing THEM. This would lead to multiple battles between the two factions, and result in Johnathan gradually building up a great hatred towards his former friend. Things would only become worse as the SSC lost each encounter with THEM, Flags revieled himself to be a traitor and a spy for THEM, and Johnathan was captured along with Summer and Jacob before being savagely beaten by Calvin, who criticized him for losing his original vision of what the SSC was meant to be. The trio were then exiled into a snow storm where they nearly died before being saved by Summer's brother. Now becoming increasingly unhinged and filled with anger, Johnathan secretly organized the burning of Magna Oil to cut off THEM's finances. He would also go on to order his own troops to attack wounded THEM soldiers in Drathm 4. These two events would lead to Noah and Summer leaving the SSC respectively. Upon capturing Flags and The Eye, Johnathan would come to learn that Calvin had vanished entirely and that THEM was actually being operated by false leaders since Drathm 3. Angered further by these revelations, Johnathan would exile The Eye into a snowstorm and force Flags to flee town during the same storm and never return. Johnathan then became a hermit within the SSC, nolonger going to school and instead spending all of his time ordering soldiers around the US to hunt for the missing Calvin Supco. Unfortunately the latter was never located, leading to one final search mission in which Johnathan wished to come along. During this search mission, the group would find themselves attacked by enemies which Johnathan began perceiving as THEM members. Johnathan would also perceive all his lost friends by his side before spotting what appeared to be Calvin before him. Johnathan would then draw a knife and the events which followed are unknown, as are the trustworthiness of the things Johnathan claimed to have seen.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Johnathan Coldwel started out as an idealistic nobody, who was overcome with severe guilt upon not saving an old friend. He put his intellect and strength to the test to recruit and train soldiers, able to slowly work out a massive and complex network of fighters deadest on ridding the community (and later other states around the US) of attackers so that a case like Brice's would never happen again. Johnathan relied heavily upon the support of others, often falling into depression due to severe stress or overworking himself. Thankfully his close relationship with Summer and friendship with the Origins kept him sated through these times. Johnathan was not blind to his shortcomings, taking responsibility for failures and legitimately caring about every trooper within the SSC, thinking of them as brothers. As a fighter, Johnathan was above average in most degrees, able to hold his own in combat decently well, though he shined much more when it came to leadership. Johnathan was in particular a master of speeches, able to swing people to his side with relative ease and also willing to listen to the ideas of others. However Johnathan would begin a fall from grace following Calvin leaving the SSC to establish THEM, multiple SSC defeats, the loss of Origins, a near fatal experience in a snow storm, and a variety of other ailments. Slowly, this would lead to Johnathan's personality switching immensely, to a being filled with hatred and obsessed with revenge, willing to overlook his own sins and the security of his troops. He began drifting towards a single-minded goal of capturing Calvin and making him suffer, causing him to lose friends along the way, of which he showed little to no remorse. This, paired with brutal tortures of enemies and allies alike, would lead to Johnathan becoming feared among all soldiers and he'd eventually become a hermit, hiding himself from the world and completely abandoning his prior efforts of taking down attackers, THEM, or keeping Brice's will alive. This would climax with Johnathan experiencing multiple hallucinatory visions that severely clouded his judgement and would lead to an incident that may have resulted in the death of an innocent or more. Originally, Johnathan was noted as having dark brown eyes and black hair swept up in typical 50's manner, along with a distinct parting above his left eye. He also had a cleft chin, a larger nose, and long eyebrows. Early battle injuries left him with small scars around the right side of his chin and around the right side of his forehead. He'd often wear the standard blue SSC garb before he'd later change the look to black and red to note his harsh change in attitude towards THEM. Following the snow storm, the coldness of winter no longer had any effect on Johnathan, who could easily walk around in shorts, oblivious to the temperature. Johnathan's eyes were also noted to grow darker as he further fell from grace, almost turning black. Additionally, increased dark bags formed around his eyes due to countless sleepless nights and mounting stress. A lack of care for himself would eventually lead to Johnathan's hair growing somewhat longer and no longer being styled. He also developed a light beard and pale skin tone. More battle injuries formed larger scars around his left cheek and another at the center of his forehead.