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Larson was born in 1985. Larson would later join the SSC in 1997. In 1998 he'd become friends with Matt. 2001 would mark the year Henry would become Larson's first apprentice. In 2003, Larson would work to recruit Derek and his brother Joseph into the SSC and would spend a decent period of time training them before transferring the two over to Matt's training unit. Later Larson would meet Derek and Joseph a second time as he was summoned to quell a battle between SSC and THEM forces. Derek would ultimately trick Larson into taking them to the top SSC file outpost in the abandoned warehouse. Once there, Derek and Joseph were revealed to be traitor, momentarily managing to knock Larson out, though he'd later return to battle Derek a final time, only to be injured and unable to capture Joseph. He'd later retire in 2004.

Biography Edit

Larson joined the SSC at age 12. He'd quickly become friends with Matt, another SSC soldier in charge of training new recruits. Eventually Larson took an apprentice named Henry under his wing, with Henry slowly being trained in the ways of the SSC and even in the process of earning the code name Specter. Larson would later meet two brothers named Derek and Darkness who seemingly wanted to join the SSC, when in all actuality, they were looking for files on Gus Blakley. Larson and Henry busied themselves training the new recruits for some time, getting them ready for what they'd be dealing with when they would work in a bigger team. Larson would eventually spar with Joseph and beat him, though ultimately would still allow the two brothers to move on due to their incredible process made. Larson moved the two over to Matt's training force and bid them farewell. Much later, Larson and Henry would meet Derek and Joseph once more after being called in to fight THEM forces along with Robert's unit. The combined effort was a success and Larson was quickly used by Derek to gain entry into the SSC's top file outpost. During a tour, Derek would suddenly knock Larson out a stow him away before working with Joseph to get the file on Gus. This succeeded but the two were ultimately caught by Henry who alerted the whole base to the presence of the two traitors. While Derek and Joseph fought SSC forces, Larson eventually woke up and attacked Derek as every other member was defeated. Derek; heavily exhausted from fighting so many foes, was badly scarred by Larson, who used a broken stick to form multiple gashes on his foe's face. Derek, realizing he was losing; was able to bring the battle to a halt by causing a pile of wood to topple over, causing Larson's leg to get stuck between the logs and injuring him to such an extent that he could not manage to attack Joseph as he made a getaway. After eventually recovering, Larson would end his training with Henry and retire.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Larson was described as being level-headed and wise. His friendly attitude and seriousness in his work made him an incredibly well respected member of the SSC. Joseph described his cheeks as having faded blue streaks about them, suggesting he was a football player outside of the SSC, with the rest of his muscular body seemingly backing that up. He also exhibited tanned skin and brown hair which was stuck up at the front and slightly parted above his left eye. Larson had a somewhat larger nose and distinctly thick/long eyebrows. His eyes were a blue tone. Larson's fighting abilities varied under different situations, as he was shown to have some struggle taking down Joseph in a spar, yet later excelled at teamwork efforts used to take down THEM forces. He was skilled enough in hand-to-hand combat to hold his own against Darkness and even gain a substantial upper hand before falling for Darkness's trap. Larson was described by Darkness as being somewhat gullible, not suspecting the two brothers of being spies until it was to late.