General Timeline Information Edit


Luke was born in 2021 and later joined the SSC in 2031. He'd help in the recovery of stolen bank money from Scythe. Luke would also come to meet Gregory in 2038 and after the fall of Scythe and Spike's rise of rank; became the commander of Team Ice.

Biography Edit

Luke joined the SSC at age 10. He'd take part in the recovery effort to retrieve the stolen bank money back from Scythe in 2037. The following year he met with Gregory and taught him the ways of the SSC to some degree along with Chris; giving Gregory gear and tips on how to handle Scythe. He'd narrowly avoid capture/death by Scythe members and worked closely with Gregory and the rest of Team Ice to fight them off and launch spy efforts against them. Following Scythe's defeat; Commander Spike rose in rank and assumed leadership over the SSC; leaving Luke to become the new commander of Team Ice; much to his pleasure.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Luke was notably comical to those within the SSC, somewhat making himself a nuisance to more serious members such as Spike or Patch. Despite his comical/mischievous behavior; Luke was an incredibly skilled fighter and surprisingly effective attack planner. He demonstrated astute knowledge of SSC gear, fighting alongside teammates, and conducting appropriate spy efforts. Luke also deeply cared for the safety of his fellow members; knowing when the appropriate times were to joke and when to fight and lead. Luke was noted as having blonde, messy hair, and also for smiling a majority of the time. He had a wider facial structure and nose, as well as dark hazel eyes. His eyebrows were rather thin and some facial hair grew around his chin. Luke's skin was an average white pigment.