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Machine (real name unknown) was born in 1995. He later joined THEM in 2002. In 2004 he became Corruption's apprentice. Years later, in late 2007, Machine assumed fake leadership over THEM to fool the SSC and prevent them from learning of Corruption's actual leadership. In 2008, Nick would become Machine's apprentice just before Machine lost in a fight with Tim Allender. Machine would train his apprentice until he was beaten once more by Brett Blakley in 2009, and essentially betrayed by Nick. Machine retired from THEM in late 2010.

Biography Edit

Machine was 7 years old when he first joined THEM. He'd gradually rise in rank and his strength and determination caught the attention of Corruption, who offered to train Machine (though he would later secretly begin training Eliminator; whom he believed to be Machine's replacement). Machine would assume a false leadership over THEM in order to divert attention away from Corruption. During a planned fight with Tim Allender at the old park, Machine would be approached by Nick, who sought to leave the SSC and his master and join THEM as Machine's apprentice. Machine accepted this offer and soon thereafter fought Tim. For the most part, Machine overpowered Tim only for the former to be knocked out by a falling branch.

Machine would spend his time afterwards training Nick. Machine would later be goaded into attacking Brett Blakley in the school hallway, only to be stopped by Tim Allender (all of this, the work of Joseph). After much training, Brett, Tim, and SSC forces banded together to defeat Machine and his forces. Though Machine nearly managed to best Tim in a battle (utilizing the former's knife) the fight was intervened by Brett, who managed to best Machine in a fight despite the weapon. After this tremendous loss, Machine was firmly replaced by Eliminator and his role as being the fake leader of THEM was outed at last. Afterwards, Nick would leave Machine to become Corruption's right-hand man. Nick would use his heightened power to force Machine to hand over his iconic knife (of which Nick would later use for his own purposes), and also would trick Corruption into fighting Brett alone. Corruption was initially unwilling to fight Brett without backup, and brought Machine along as a bodyguard, however just before fighting, Corruption commanded Machine to leave; ultimately conceding to Nick's trickery. Machine would retire not long afterwards.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Machine was incredibly hostile in exchanges between enemies and allies. His voice was said to instill fear into any fighter's heart. He was notably cruel in his humor and fighting style, being the only THEM fighter to brandish a deadly knife. Though no soldier was notably injured by this knife (to a large degree) it was still widely feared. Machine relied on brute strength without the knife, overpowering enemies with this sheer strength rather than taking time to think out attacks or strategies. Though he was described by Tim and Brett as slow and somewhat lumbering, incapable of handling fast maneuvers, Machine was still capable of besting Tim Allender on two separate occasions, only to be stopped by a falling tree branch, and Brett Blakley, respectively. Machine would behave similarly both within THEM's ranks and outside of it as well, acting as a bully. He was somewhat underhanded in his training and supposed killing of Nick, though otherwise Machine was aloof to most anything outside of fighting, even being betrayed by his master and apprentice on separate instances. Ultimately, after his defeat at the hands of a young apprentice (Brett) most of Machine's respect, power, and dignity were destroyed. Machine was described as wearing a dark beanie-hat which covered his dark brown, scraggly hair. Additionally, his face was described as sunken to some degree, with notably large bags under his eyes. Machine also featured a prominent chin and a wider facial structure. His skin tone was an average white coloration and his eyes were a dark hazel color. His body was described as large, muscular, and intimidating; allowing for him to bully kids with ease.