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Marcus Blakley was born in 2021. He would grow to be trained by his father Brett Blakley in 2031. In 2037, during the Scythe bank robbery, Marcus would obtain the money, only to then be forced to hand over half to Shadow and play by Shadow's rules to aid Gregory in keeping balance. Throughout 2038, Marcus would appear to Gregory for assistance multiple times under the guise of Negative or as Justin. Marcus would also aid in the fake killing of Tim Allender and later reveal his true identity to Gregory before revealing his intentions to join the SSC.

Biography Edit

Marcus Blakley began training with his father Brett Blakley at age 10. During an anticipated bank robbery, Brett would send the SSC to retrieve stolen money, but later fear that the SSC would keep the money for itself. As such, Marcus was sent to intercept the money from the SSC transfer team. He succeeded in obtaining the funds, only to then be caught by Shadow, who would force Marcus to hand over half the money to Scythe. Due to Shadow's faith being lowed in Scythe, he'd come to use Scythe, the SSC, Gregory, Tim, and Marcus as parts of his plan to bring about some kind of balance between everything. As such, Marcus joined Scythe under the guise of "Justin" and would later meet with Gregory; a spy for the SSC. When not acting as Justin, Marcus would also disguise himself as "Negative" and then provide Gregory with vital clues and pieces of info over the course of his missions (all without breaking Shadow's rules; of which doing so would cause Shadow to kill him and his father). He would also reveal to the hermit; Tim Allender that Brett was not dead; raising the old legendary soldier's spirits and allowing him to train Gregory. Later, to keep Tim safe from Scythe, Marcus and Shadow would work with Tim to fake his death. As Gregory and Shadow fought with Trigger, Marcus would take the other half of money and return it to his father so it could be brought back to the bank. Marcus would later approach Gregory after everything had been restored, revealing his true identity and also explaining Shadow's role in playing everyone. Marcus would then go on to ask Gregory if he (Marcus) should join the SSC. Gregory told him to fight for what he believed in; seemingly approving of whatever decision Marcus chose to make.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Marcus was a top-notch spy and fighter. He was rained directly by his father Brett and later had the opportunity to learn tactics from Scythe and Tim Allender. His fighting prowess and intelligence made him to powerful for Shadow to allow to get the other half of money himself; instead relying on the younger (and less trained) Gregory to keep balance. Marcus was a skilled liar as well; able to trick Gregory into not seeing similarities between the three different personas he was balancing. Marcus had a pink skin pigment and a wide facial structure and nose. He also had a notable cleft chin. His hair was brown and somewhat curled. His eyes were light brown. When under the persona of Negative, Marcus adopted a much deeper voice and wore a distinctive white leather jacket. He also donned a blank white mask to conceal his face. To keep other features from being seen, Marcus dawned a black cloth beneath the mask.