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Mask (real name unknown) was born in 1938. He'd later become one of the Origins of the SSC, fighting alongside Johnathan and the other Origins and later setting up the SSC as a much larger unit filled with troopers. Mask was tasked with base operations, training of soldiers, and other vital pieces of the system, at which he excelled at. In 1956, Mask would vanish after butting heads with Johnathan.

Biography Edit

Mask joined the SSC at the age of 17 in 1955. His appearance and true name were never revealed, as he instead remained under a cowl, and spoke very little. He was the only one of the Origins (except for Johnathan Coldwel) to join without even so much as being asked. Mask helped develop the early stages of SSC fighting, a unique system not merely comprised of using fists or referring to wrestling tactics. In addition to assisting in the Origin mission to take down Ivan and his fellow attacker friends, Mask also helped establish the SSC as a bigger force, comprised of many of the school's students. Mask was tasked with training soldiers and was even given part of Specter's Forest to train his soldiers and manage the area. Mask would later convince Johnathan to allow soldiers who were not part of the Origins to be able to become master and have their own apprentices, effectively giving freedoms to a wider variety of members. Mask would go on to assist the SSC in a variety of future frays with attackers and the newly established THEM. As THEM became a more pressing antagonist to the SSC, Johnathan began becoming paranoid of his friends and constantly on the fence about is involvement in the bloody battles. Johnathan would go on to assume Mask secretly disliked him and the way he was running the group, going so far as to believe Mask thought the attacks were his (Johnathan's) fault. Johnathan angrily confronted Mask about these suspicions, going so far as to pin him to a wall and tell him to stay out of his way. Mask was not heard from after this encounter, and vanished entirely, however as Johnathan became increasingly more unhinged, visions of Mask would appear to him on several occasions. Over time, the mantle of 'Mask' would be given to trustworthy elites in order to instill hope to the younger members. This tradition would continue for years to follow.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Mask was an incredibly mysterious/enigmatic member of the early SSC. His name, face, and general identity were never revealed and he only bothered to speak on rare occasions when he had important information to share (even going so far as to deepen his voice to further hide his identity). Mask was described as being surprisingly fit and agile, capable of handling early SSC practices far better than other Origins. He was also a good team leader, practicing with his unit four times a day and enforcing strict policies to keep them in line. Mask's ideology was that when wearing the mask, younger members saw themselves in his place, and realized that they could strive to be just like him or even better. Mask was not afraid of sharing these opinions, even with an increasingly unhinged Johnathan. Mask showed little to no emotion, rarely volunteering to salute and never reacting with joy or contempt following meetings or battles respectively. Mask wore a dark sack of some sort on his head, featuring two crudely cut eye-holes. The fringes of the sack still poking out from all sides of the holes, giving the entire mask an eerie/foreboding look. Four crude slits were also created for the "mouth" of the mask. To keep his features hidden to a more intensive degree, Mask also wore a black cloth of some sort beneath the mask, preventing anyone from seeing his eyes or mouth, though this cloth would be removed in darker conditions so as not to hinder vision. He also often wore a standard brown leather jacket and black gloves, with dark clothing underneath.