General Timeline Information Edit


Matt was born in 1987 and would go on to join the SSC in 1998. That same year he would also become friends with the well-known soldier Larson. Matt would go on to rise in rank and be tasked with training young/new SSC recruits before transferring them to actual training groups. In 2003 he met Darkness (going by the name Derek) and Joseph as they first joined the SSC. Matt would fiercely train his troops and eventually transfer Darkness and Joseph to Robert's unit to rain under him after the two brothers helped to fight off an attacking THEM hoard. Matt retired from the SSC in 2004.

Biography Edit

Matt was 11 years old when he first joined the SSC. He gradually rose in rank to become an SSC trainer of young recruits and he was also notable for being close friends with Larson. He eventually met Darkness (Derek) and Joseph as they entered the SSC and passed Larson's and Henry's early tests. The two brothers would serve under Matt for quite some time, with Matt training them in sparring, tree climbing, and endurance challenges to name a few. During a routine SSC mission to move supplies, Matt, his young troopers, and Derek and Joseph were attacked by THEM forces who recognized Darkness and Joseph from their time spent in THEM years prior. This marked the first battle between SSC and THEM forces in years and ultimately ignited war between the two factions. Matt was injured in the fray but ultimately recovered at the battle's end. Noticing Derek's and Joseph's admiral fighting during this battle, Matt decided to transfer them over to Robert's training unit where they would be fully registered as SSC soldiers. Matt retired the next year.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Matt was described as charming and charismatic, often engaging in witty dialogue between friends and recruits, treating them like family. Despite this he was still harsh in his training tasks as he attempted to toughen his young recruits up as best as he could. He notably spoke with a light southern draw. Matt exhibited an average white skin tone and a distinct cleft chin. His eyebrows were long, his nose was somewhat wide, and his hair was also noted as being brown. Additionally, Matt's eyes were gray in color, with one battle scar resting just beneath his right eye, and another to the right of his mouth. He was also commonly adorned in the blue color associated with the SSC.