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Nick Anderson (also known as Night Riser) was born in 1996. In 2006, Nick would meet and befriend Tim Allender. The following year, Tim would recruit Nick into the SSC and make him his apprentice. The two would train for several months until Nick seemingly tried to face Machine on his own, apparently being killed in the process. In actuality, Nick left the SSC and worked as Machine's apprentice within THEM. Nick would begin rising in rank throughout 2010. And later, the same year, he'd become Corruption's right-hand man and trick him into fighting Brett alone. After Corruption's defeat, Nick took control of THEM and made the group go into hiding. In 2013, Nick (now going by 'Night Riser') would send mysterious messages to both the SSC and the Brotherhood of Death in hopes of pitting the two against each other so that THEM could return and wipe out the weakened foes. He'd eventually appear in person to Tim and Brett in Specter's Forest, revealing his intentions before fleeing the area. Brett would later fend off Night Riser on the outskirts of the Death Pit. After a long fight, Night Riser would be defeated and sent to an SSC holding center. He was eventually met by Tim and freed.

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Nick became Tim's apprentice in the SSC at age 11. The two would train closely together for several months before Tim was tasked with fighting the notorious Machine. Nick would beg his master to let him fight as well, but was ultimately denied. Nick, feeling betrayed by not being told of the impending fight and also believing that Tim was only doing it to gain power and leadership over the S.S.C, approached Machine, relinquishing the ways of the SSC and joining THEM as Machine's apprentice.

Nick would be trained by Machine and steadily rise in rank/power over time. Nick would eventually become powerful enough to be Corruption's right-hand man, where he began to plot against Tim Allender for "forgetting" him. These plans were particularly formed as Nick briefly chose to spy upon Tim, his old friends, and his family, finding that all of them had moved on in their own ways. Now feeling broken and forgotten, Nick was slowly capable of convincing Corruption to fight Brett with no backup. Corruption eventually accepted the challenge and was defeated by Brett, all according to Nick's plans. Nick then made himself leader of THEM and forced the group into hiding for years.

Much later, Nick (now going by 'Night Riser') would begin sending messages to the SSC and the Brotherhood of Death in order to pit the two rivaling factions against each other. Once both groups were heavily weakened, THEM would return and wipe out whoever remained. With Brett and Tim gradually catching on to Night Riser's sketchy motives, Nick chose to set the final stages of his plan into action. He'd go on to send out a message urging Tim and Brett to enter Specter's Forest on their own, which the two would begrudgingly accept. Upon revealing his plans for vengeance to the both of them, his speech was somewhat cut short as Blade and other Brotherhood forces began storming into the area. Night Riser fled the area, warning that he'd take the two down at a later time. Night Riser would later hunt down Tim and Brett at the outskirts of the Death Pit, with Brett choosing to fight him off while Tim dealt with James inside the Pit itself. After an excruciating battle, ending with an uncontrollable roll downhill which greatly injured both participants, Night Riser was defeated. Shortly afterwards, Nick was sent to an SSC holding center for questioning. Without Night Riser's leadership, and with the Brotherhood and the SSC unexpectedly teaming up to stop THEM, nearly every remnant of the old group was destroyed in the war. Tim would later visit the SSC holding center along with Brett and talk to Night Riser, apologizing for the way he was years ago, and eventually giving Nick the opportunity to leave the holding center and meet his parents again. Nick would ultimately choose to leave without putting up a fight, though the specifics of what was said between the two remains unknown, as does his opinions towards Tim, and later endeavors.

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Nick was an incredibly intelligent and crafty individual. While these attributes initially served to assist his grades and friendships, it would later shift into far more aggressive tendencies. Nick would eventually be capable of easily tricking/betraying those around him if it served a greater purpose, as he fled from his own home in favor of joining up with THEM. In Nick's younger years, Tim described him as the perfect SSC member, one who's intelligence was rivaled by his strength and creativity. While initially quite hesitant, Nick was still fairly open with people. He'd later develop an intense impatience with his training, opting to throw away his past in favor of joining a group who he believed would serve him better, THEM. Nick would quickly regret this decision, but found himself too frightened by thoughts of what others would think of him upon his return. He'd swallow his fears and would eventually find himself deeply depressed by the thought of everyone he used to know - now having forgotten him entirely. This anguish would only hasten his lust for revenge. Nick also developed a humorous and cocky demeanor, liking to talk during battle and instigate harmful emotions within his targets. His training with Tim, Machine, and other THEM forces provided him with a unique and especially dangerous form of combat, combining heavy, brutal strikes, with fast movements and heightened reaction time. Nick's brutality would become so potent, he became more than willing to kill those who stood in his way, as he believed he had nothing left to lose. Despite all of this, Nick still displayed emotion upon speaking to Tim about his fears, and also learning of his family's current status. Whether he had the capacity to move on, away from fighting, remains unknown. Nick was described as having messy, somewhat long black hair. His skin was tanned and he also featured a somewhat prominent cleft in his chin. His eyes were a gray tone and dark bags formed under his eyes from both mounting stress and getting little sleep. Nick had a fairly large nose and several battle scars rested around his eyes and cheekbones.