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Noah (also known as Jet) was born in 1939. He would later join the SSC in 1955 a one of the Origins of the group. Once within the SSC, Noah would later assist in expanding the group, acting primarily as an organizer of plans and information. He would go on to quit the SSC in 1956, after learning of Johnathan Coldwel's hand in the Magna Oil burning.

Biography Edit

Noah was 16 when he joined Johnathan Coldwel's early efforts towards taking down Ivan and avenging Brice as one of the Origins of the SSC. Before this, Noah worked at Jet's Diner, serving food when not in school and often being picked on by kids in similar ways as Brice had been. It was ultimately Mask who hinted to Johnathan that Noah was a good candidate for an Origin, and although initially nervous, Noah eventually agreed to join. Following the successful siege on Ivan, Noah assisted Johnathan and the others in making the SSC a bigger entity, comprised of multiple students all around the school. Noah in particular turned away from fighting for the most part and instead began focusing more on managing numbers, finances, battle reports, and general information to name a few. Noah remained a close ally to Johnathan, ultimately lending him multiple pieces of advice and even coming up with the idea (as well a supplying) of blue garb being the trademark signature of the SSC. In addition to this, when Johnathan was moments away from leaving the SSC, Noah was able to talk him out of the endeavor and instill newfound hope in the disgruntled leader. Following the construction of THEM and the ensuing battles of Drathm, Noah would begin feeling a mounting sense of depression at the increasing number of soldiers being injured and the seemingly unstoppable nature of the rivaling faction, before Johnathan was able to talk him out of this state of mind. Nevertheless, Noah sensed a growing state of disarray within the SSC and was overcome with disbelief upon learning that Jonathan Coldwel was responsible for the Magna Oil burning. Noah confronted his friend on this matter, trying to wake him up to the poor state of being the SSC was approaching, only for all his attempts at swaying Johnathan to be dismissed. Realizing that Jonathan nolonger cared for what the SSC represented, Noah quit the group and would go on to tell Summer of the issue, leading to her eventually turning away from Johnathan as well. Despite completely removing himself from the SSC, Johnathan would later experience visions of Noah as he became increasingly unhinged.

Personality/Appearance Edit


As a waiter in Jet's Diner, Noah would often be the subject of bullying and similar attacks to that of Brice, which was blatantly obvious and heartbreaking to Johnathan Coldwel. Noah was submissive of these attacks and struggled with holding eye contact or speaking up for himself. However, upon becoming an Origin, Noah's self respect increased dramatically, as did his physical appearance. Noah demonstrated advanced fighting skill and unparalleled management skills when it came to dealing with all facets of the SSC's growing community. Noah's ability to give pep-talks and his unwavering loyalty towards the foundation of the SSC made him well-known all throughout the units. Despite some lingering sense of depression, Noah was still sharp tongued and perfectly capable of speaking his mind. Descriptions of Noah's appearance included him having very short, light brown hair which was styled somewhat similarly to Johnathan's, but with less of a notable parting. Noah also wore glasses. Following his training with the Origins, Johnathan described him as growing tanner than all of them, as well as his face growing somewhat fuller and voice becoming less shrill. Noah's nose was somewhat large and he also featured a prominent chin.