General timeline Information Edit


Patch (real name unknown) was born in 2020 and joined the SSC in 2032. In 2037 he'd take part in the mission to reclaim stolen bank funds from Scythe; which ended in failure and resulted in the fall of most of the SSC's power. Patch stayed with the group and in 2038 he met Gregory; who he helped to tech in the ways of the SSC and offered assistance to take down Scythe forces. He'd later be one of many to salute to Gregory upon the latter's decision to leave the SSC.

Biography Edit

Patch was 12 when he joined the SSC. Years later he'd participate to an unknown degree to steal back money from Scythe which had been taken from a local bank. However due to the internal plans of Marcus Blakley and Shadow, the money went missing and war was declared between the two groups, prompting many members (including the leader, Rodrick to quit). Patch stayed in the SSC and later met Gregory; who he assisted to a small degree in the process of holding back and avoiding dangerous Scythe forces. When Gregory decided to leave the SSC; Patch and the rest of Team Ice respectfully saluted their friend goodbye.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Patch was known for being harsh and cruel as well as a bit of a bully among SSC members. He enjoyed playing pranks on other members or making sarcastic/underhanded remarks. This made him mostly disliked among most other SSC members but yet Patch proved himself to be fiercely dedicated to the SSC and more than willing to protect and fight for his teammates. Although Guppy would hypothesize that Patch didn't know how to be kind; Patch more often than not put on this gruff persona to get respect; actually caring a great deal for his friends and even respectfully understanding Gregory's reasons for leaving. He was described as being very tall and muscular compared to other members of Team Ice, with bruises riddled about his face, as well as red hair (which was often brushed up in the front). Patch had a wider facial structure and nose. His eyes were hazel in color and his skin was tanned. Additionally, Patch's facial hair ran down, through his jawline, with some portion working it's way towards his upper lip. Two battle scars rested just above his right eyebrow.