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Phaze (real name Jacob) was born in 1938. He'd later befriend Johnathan Coldwel, Dante Felding, Calvin Supco, and Brice in the year 1951. In 1955, Jacob would be the second to join Johnathan Coldwel's Origin group of the SSC (with Jonathan being the first). Johnathan would serve closely by Johnathan's side during an avenging attack on Ivan, multiple pursuits against attackers, and a variety of battles with THEM. Following Drathm 3, Jacob, Johnathan, and Summer were captured by THEM forces and exiled into a snowstorm where the trio barely managed to survive. Jacob would go on to participate in the highly covered-up Magna Oil burning incident and later (albeit begrudgingly) creating the black and red SSC logo. Jacob would go on to take part in the hunt for Calvin Supco and later bare witness to the Johnathan Coldwel incident.

Biography Edit

Jacob was one of the later friends of Johnathan Coldwel, briefly meeting his other friends consisting of Calvin Supco, Dante Felding, and Brice before they all drifted apart to differing degrees (though he still remained close friends with Johnathan). Jacob would later take up an interest in high school football but would later be pulled out of this hobby by his distraught friend Johnathan, who wished for Jacob to join a fighting force rallied against avenging the death of Brice by attacking Ivan and his friends. Jacob begrudgingly excepted the offer and assisted the early SSC Origins in training and later the successful attack on Ivan. In addition to thinking up the SSC salute (which was inspired by Johnathan) Jacob also worked closely on allowing the SSC to rise in power during it's Golden Age of 1955. Jacob would go on to become a master and train his own unit of soldiers, one of which being the young Albert. However, due to Albert nearly being injured in a mission as well as other factors that mainly lied outside of Jacob's direct control, Calvin broke away from the SSC and established THEM, which Jacob fought harshly against on multiple occasions by order of Johnathan. This would eventually lead to Johnathan, Summer, and Jacob all being captured by THEM soldiers and brought before Calvin himself, who banished the trio into a deadly snowstorm. The crew hardly survived, with Jacob sacrificing some of his clothing to the others in an unrelenting effort to keep them safe. This would lead to traumatic throat issues not long after the three were saved by Brandon. Jacob (now preferring to go strictly by Phaze) would go on to assist Johnathan in the highly covert Magna Oil burning as well as the process of capturing The Eye and Flags for information. Eventually only Johnathan and Jacob remained as Origins still within the SSC, though Jacob would find himself increasingly at odds with some of his friend's decisions. As Johnathan became increasingly unhinged, he pushed Jacob farther way to a certain extent, finding him weak due to his throat issues and also suspecting him of being a traitor (though this was simply due to Johnathan becoming paranoid). Jacob worked in the process of hunting down Calvin, ultimately climaxing in bringing Johnathan along in one final effort to track Calvin down. This would lead to Jacob being present during the Johnathan Coldwel incident, though the extent of which Jacob experienced this event is unknown.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Jacob was a dependable and close friend to Johnathan Coldwel and all well-meaning soldiers of the SSC, placing others before himself on multiple occasions and even willing to die to save those he cared about. Jacob displayed a distinct sense of humor towards the SSC originally, but later began taking it far more seriously as the group grew around him. However, Jacob's unwillingness to question Johnathan or talk back to him led to Jacob blindly following orders that gradually became more and more tyrannical over time. This arose a deep sense of both fear and sadness within Phaze, who began speaking less, and with pains in his throat following the snow exile. Despite these downfalls, Phaze was an incredibly skilled fighter and decent tactician, able to lead troops and hold his own in battle with great efficiency and being relatively undaunted by the stress of the job. Johnathan described Jacob as being similar to him as far as not having parents who cared much for him. Jacob was also described as being very tall, with curly, dark brown hair that added to his height. Due to a persistent and inexplicable chilling sensation in his throat, Phaze dawned a red scarf wrapped thickly around his neck for warmth, hardly ever removing it. His voice also grew increasingly gruff and Phaze often found himself coughing uncontrollably if speaking to much. Phaze's skin was a slightly more pink tone and a notable battle scar ran across the left side of his face, with another one just above his left eyebrow. Additionally, Phaze's eyes were brown.