General Timeline Information Edit


Rick was born in 1997 and would grow in popularity among his peers until ultimately joining James in the Brotherhood of Death in 2011. He would later harass Tim for all of 2012 and going into 2013 before eventually being outed by George and Tye. He would go on to seek revenge and defeat Commander Delta before ultimately being brought down by Brett the later half of 2013.

Biography Edit

Rick was an incredibly popular individual at Brett and Tim's high school for quite some time, with Brett and Tim both knowing him from previous encounters of the non-hostile kind. However, as James attempted to rebuild The Brotherhood of Death, he successfully enlisted Rick to join him; making Rick one of the commanding figures of the Brotherhood alongside Blade. Together, both Rick and Blade would go on to harass Tim Allender outside of the public's/SSC's eyes. This would ultimately throw Tim into a highly depressed state for quite some time as the attacks continued. Eventually Tim revealed to the SSC that Rick was indeed an enemy and George and Tye volunteered to bring him down. Night Riser would later learn of this attempt and in order to prepare Rick, sent him details regarding the plan. With Rick's popularity making him difficult to reach and dangerous to fight, George and Tye came up with a plan to goad Rick into fighting them, this trick worked despite Rick having prior knowledge of the plan, and Tye successfully filmed Rick choking George. After an intense chase, Rick was unable to catch Tye, who sent the video to every student around the school, causing Rick's popularity to fall apart. Rick would go on to go into hiding at The Death Pit, which The Brotherhood of Death established to be their primary base of operations. The SSC would later mount a large strike against The Death Pit, with Rick preparing for the siege (by way of Night Riser). The SSC was ambushed in pieces in an incredibly silent assault, resulting in most every member being captured and taken to the pinnacle of the barn. Brett, Tim, and Delta would later find the captured members just as Rick spoke about throwing George and Tye off the barn in an act of revenge. An enraged Delta and Brett would go on to attack Rick, with Delta being defeated and Brett narrowly succeeding in besting Rick, resulting in the latter's capture.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Rick's personality around friends what both charismatic and authoritarian, but was ultimately a cover for his brutal sense of humor. While relatively likable when in the public eye, Rick's harsh persona made him a perfect candidate for James to prey upon. He was an incredibly skilled tactician, able to stealthily take out a unit of SSC members with complete silence with the help of his troops. Although he was easily angered, causing him to abandon well laid out plans to get revenge on those who he thought wronged him. He was described as having good looks and a muscular build; although not as powerful as his counterpart Blade. He was still incredibly gifted and hand-to-hand combat, being trained by James himself for an unspecified amount of time. These fighting skills allowed him to even best the SSC's number one elite soldier; Commander Delta.

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