General Timeline Information Edit

Robert was born in 1985 and later joined the SSC in 1998. He rose in rank in 2001 and eventually became an SSC soldier instructor who was responsible for training Darkness (going by the name of Derek) and Joseph. He retired in 2003 following the Darkness and Joseph incident at the abandoned warehouse.

Biography Edit

Robert was 13 years old when he first joined the SSC. He rose to prominence over the years and eventually became an instructor for official SSC forces. His unit would later come to the rescue of a young group of SSC recruits who had been attacked by THEM unexpectedly. Their forces turned the tide of the battle and were even able to catch the notorious leader Talon. After this battle and transferring Talon to Brian, he was introduced to Derek and Joseph, two brothers who he would add to his unit to train after they had finished Matt's early training. He engaged in multiple difficult activities with the group and even lashed out at a few of his soldiers who momentarily stepped out of line. His serious/harsh behavior hastened the need for Joseph and Derek to find the file they were looking for before being found out as spies. He would go on to retire later that same year.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Robert was most often calm and collected, appearing very serious and down-to-earth about his role in the SSC and his training methods. However in one instance in which Derek and another member got into a fight, Robert would go on to lash out at the soldier; beating him up and harshly scolding the entire unit for their faults. This short fuse would cause many of his troops to either fear or respect him unquestionably. Aside from these outbursts he was still a decent leader and tactician as well as being highly successful in his field. Details on his appearance are not specified to much of a degree. Though it was noted that he was dressed in the typical blue SSC garb, also dawning a grey belt and a BB-gun of the highest quality.

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