General Timeline Information Edit


Rodrick was born in 2014 and later joined the SSC in 2021. He became the leader of the SSC in 2027 and played a pivotal role in being contacted by Brett Blakley who warned of the Scythe bank robbery. Rodrick gave orders to retrieve the stolen money, though this plan was ultimately halted my multiple outside factors. With the money missing and Scythe blaming the SSC for it's disappearance, many members; including Rodrick would quit the SSC out of fear in 2037.

Biography Edit

Rodrick joined the SSC at age 7. He would later rise to high prominence and become leader of the SSC. In 2035 he would be contacted by a figure claiming to be Brett Blakley. Rodrick was tasked with questioning the figure and making sure that he was indeed who he said he was. The questions were ultimately answered correctly and Rodrick took Brett's orders to halt a robbery being carried out by Scythe on the town bank. Despite Rodrick ordering his troops to bring the money straight back to him after it was to be retrieved, Brett didn't trust that the SSC wouldn't steal any of the money for themselves, so Marcus Blakley was sent to intercept the money from Rodrick's troops, who gave the money over, assuming they were following the right orders. When Scythe learned of this missing money and the SSC was blamed, Rodrick and many other members quit the SSC out of fear, leaving the SSC in an incredibly weakened state and without a leader to guide them.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Rodrick makes no direct appearance throughout documented SSC ventures following Scythe's declaration of war on the SSC. However records show he was a highly skilled fighter who excelled during staged spars, but never saw real action, prompting his cowardice once Scythe declared war. Rodrick was quite large/bulky in appearance. He had a wide nose and facial structure, a pink skin tone, and shortly cut red hair. His eyebrows were quite small/thin and his eyes were brown. A battle scar ran closely by his left eye.