S.S.C the Series has been around for several years and as such, has gone through a great many changes. The following bullet points outline multiple pieces of trivia and fun facts in no particular order.

It should be especially noted that information with the "*" symbol beside them are not in any way canon to S.S.C lore (as it has most likely been changed, subdued, or edited out completely)

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S.S.C Origins Edit

  • Johnathan Coldwel's last name incidentally contains the word "cold" which is a major focal point of the story. Inversely, Summer's name incidentally counters this by referring to warmth. Both of these instances were purely coincidental, as their names had already been thought up before the plot of the story was even considered
  • Dominic left enough ambiguity in some places to suggest that Mask and Brice may have - in fact, been the same person, though this is by no means readily canon to the story
  • Each chapter within S.S.C Origins ends with the similar phrase of "And I was very sure I would."
  • The Eye base would later become Specter's Forest
  • The Boiler Room HQ would go on to be featured in The Brett Blakley Files: Volume 2. The main Magna Oil warehouse is also the same building later used by the S.S.C for storing files in The Journey of Joseph and functioned as a secret meeting base in The Brett Blakley Files: Volume 2. Several other locations are also used in later stories
  • The Magna Oil burning is what leads to the multitude of abandoned buildings featured in later stories as well as explains why the town is so ill-funded
  • Dominic has revealed in a conversation that Calvin is the most intelligent strategist in all of S.S.C lore, with Johnathan just behind him
  • Slang terms used in S.S.C Origins are actual 50's words from the era. Clothing, vehicles, and social norms are also inspired from this time
  • Ivan's code name; "The Eye" was inspired by a character within Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Journey of Joseph Edit

  • Originally Dominic was unsure whether or not the story should be told from Darkness's perspective or a third person narrator. A conclusion was reached that Darkness's story would instead be shown through the eyes of a younger brother
  • In a conversation regarding the strongest character in S.S.C lore; Dominic revealed Joseph to be the strongest, with Darkness coming in an incredibly close second. This was due to Darkness always having luck on his side when getting into fights and that Joseph was still nearly able to beat him despite being younger and having just ran a great distance through blistering cold temperatures
  • Robert is named after Dominic's father
  • The name Clocker is an inside joke between Dominic and Brett
  • The names of Larson and Henry, their relationship, and their role in dealing with Darkness was heavily influenced by the now non-canonical Darkness Behind the Mask,_Behind_the_Mask

Tim Allender Files Edit

  • To view the original (and hardly edited) Tim Allender Files, click here.
  • The first part of the Tim Allender stories was originally going to be written by Dominic; with Brett Blakley writing the other two parts from where Dominic left off. This offer was turned down and Dominic wrote the rest
  • James was named after Dominic's Animal Crossing avatar
  • Nick was named after an old best friend of Dominic
  • Originally Nick was actually considered dead by Dominic; albeit ambiguously*
  • Brett Blakley and Tim Allender are tied in terms of who has distinctly appeared in the most books (4 each). Though Tim has had the most major of appearances
  • The Tim Allender Files is the shortest book in the S.S.C series

Brett Blakley Files Edit

  • To view the original (and hardly edited) Brett Blakley Files, click here (first draft) or here (second draft).
  • The first 10 Brett Blakley stories were written by Brett Blakley and edited by Dominic Twardowski. Many of Brett's ideas had to be changed to a large degree in editing for the story to work
  • The Brett Blakley Files was originally intended to be only 2 chapters; but was later raised to 10. It has more chapters than any other book in the series, yet is still not the longest
  • After joining Darkness; Brett's character originally switched from first to third person before going back to first at the story's end*
  • Dominic was responsible for coming up with the core of the story while Brett wrote and breathed life into it. Brett had no idea what the plot of the next chapter would be until he finished the current one
  • Originally, Tim Allender had a personal goal to be able to hold his breath underwater for several minutes*
  • Random Kid was chosen by Brett as simply being a surname for average students with nothing special about them. Dominic later made it so that Random Kid was one singular entity*
  • Tim Allender originally was highly suggested to have died at the end of the Brett Blakley Files; either by drowning or by suicide*
  • For years, Brett convinced Dominic that Tim Allender was based off of a real person by the same name and attributes. This was much later revealed to be a lie
  • During Brett's becoming of a villain in the later Brett Blakley File entries; he at one point fell into a lake and had to fight a giant fish*
  • While Brett attempted to gain Samantha's trust; he originally got into a hot tub with her where he began to put down George before attempting to drown her*
  • A running gag early-on in the stories was that George would always get hurt some way in his eyes*
  • During the final fight, Darkness was unmasked by Brett; revealing himself to be Random Kid. This was later changed by Dominic, who preferred Darkness stay anonymous, but the sentiment later carried over, to be slightly applied when The Journey of Joseph was written*
  • Tye's name and appearance are based off an actual friend of Brett, who still has no idea the stories even exist
  • If given the opportunity to make an S.S.C movie; Dominic has confirmed he would want to play the role of Jack
  • Towards the end of the Corruption fight; Corruption turned into a dark monster of some sort; revealing his true form. This was quickly changed as Dominic wished to take a more realistic approach*
  • During the fight with Darkness; Samantha managed to get in several hits on Darkness; wounding him with more efficiency than any other fighter*
  • The S.S.C had almost no role in the Brett Blakley stories' first drafts*
  • Due to the poor state of the S.S.C during this period, Dominic has confirmed it to be the weakest the S.S.C has ever been in terms of staffing, weaponry, mindsets, and experience*
  • Originally, Jack was somehow able to briefly take control of Brett's mind; puppeteering him into writing messages in the dirt*
  • Originally, in his final appearance alongside Corruption; Machine was set to die by drowning himself*
  • For a very short time, George was set to disappear just like Tim did*
  • Although Brett personally feels Darkness defeated him; the only villain to actually defeat Brett was Eliminator
  • Corruption was originally going to die after his fall*
  • In a conversation; Dominic gave his personal feelings that Darkness had the ability and means to survive the freezing cold lake*
  • After joining Darkness; Brett originally wore a black cape. Darkness was also noted to be wearing a cape. This was all later changed to simple dark coats*
  • Tim mentions in the original story that he knew someone who was killed by Machine's knife. This was kept in the story and later the Tim Allender Files were made, in which Nick actually ended up fitting this description. The coincidence was completely unintentional

Brett Blakley Files: Volume 2 Edit

  • James screams "Are you even listening to me?" in the Tim Allender Files upon Tim refusing to fight him. He later screams the exact same thing in the Brett Blakley Files: Volume 2 when Tim does the same thing once more
  • The fight sequence between Brett Blakley and Nick is purposefully made to be a copy of the spar between Nick and Tim Allender in the Tim Allender stories
  • The name "Blade" was taken from a nickname Brett called his older brother
  • Due to the healthy state of the S.S.C during this period, Dominic has confirmed it to be the strongest the S.S.C has ever been in terms of staffing, weaponry, mindsets, and experience*
  • Commander Delta's name was a reference to Dominic's avatar name from Star Wars: Battlefront
  • For a while, a plan was in place for Commander Delta to be revealed as a traitor*
  • Nick was originally going to return as a good guy*
  • The conflict between George and Tye against Rick was originally an entire portion of the story, however this was later cut as it could not logically be told from Brett's perspective. A similar situation occurred with the battle between Scythe, the S.S.C and THEM, with this also being cut. Only the final Tim battle remains in it's slightly disjointed original state*
  • Blade originally was never going to turn "good". He instead would stick with the Brotherhood and battle George and Tye in an S.S.C file outpost*
  • Tim's debilitating condition was added in the final draft to the story, and was not originally a part of the book at all
  • When upset, Tim originally visited the same tree in which he met Eric under in the Tim Allender Files*
  • Originally, Delta fought and lost to Rick in the Death Pit*
  • Originally, James verbally apologized to Tim before saving his life, the later version made this outcome more ambiguous*
  • The war originally took place in an entirely separate location, but was later moved to Specter's Woods for simplicity. Additionally, the original draft did not mention a storm until Tim's fight with James*
  • In the original story, Tim and James physically fought each other. The final draft removed this battle entirely, preferring a more personal, dialogue-based conflict*
  • In the original ending, Tim spoke with Nick alone, with the former giving the latter an opportunity to kill him with an E-stick. Nick would silently refuse this option and leave*
  • James's death was heavily influenced by Darkness's supposed death in the non-canonical story; Darkness Behind the Mask,_Behind_the_Mask

Tale of Gregory Edit

  • Interestingly, Big-H (who's real name is Henry) takes up residence in the very same wooded area established by yet another individual named Henry; decades prior
  • The alley in which Gregory and Danson end up in, is the same alley in which Brett met Darkness
  • Chris has been confirmed as the most intelligent character in S.S.C lore
  • In the original draft; Gregory would pretend to lose his memory in order to be kicked out of the S.S.C at the end of the story*
  • Steven was named after an old best friend of Dominic
  • Commander Spike's name was a reference to Brett's avatar name from Star Wars: Battlefront
  • This is the second appearance of the name "Brian" in S.S.C lore. (Brian; the S.S.C leader and Brian Ward) as well as the name "Henry". The connections were not noted until it was too late
  • Dominic named the character Green after himself