The SSC Database lists off the members/followers of the SSC. If there is a traitor in the group, the "x" symbol will appear by the name. If the member was the leader of a faction, the "*" star symbol will appear by their name.

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The SSC (also written commonly as 'S.S.C.' or 'S.S.C') was established in 1955 and has undergone a wide variety of changes in ruling and activities. The logo itself is modeled after the typical drawing/appearance of SSC bases on maps (symbolized by triangles). During the Battle of Drathm 2; two bases consisting of members with differing views and a sense of animosity towards each other; were forced to work together to take out advancing THEM soldiers. This resulted in their new found friendship and feeling of teamwork. As such their bases were shown stuck together; creating a diamond shape. This was quickly adapted into the primary symbol of the SSC; being colored blue in accordance to the club's previously decided rulings. It has remained almost completely unchanged through the years; with incredibly rare flags baring the symbol in varying shades of red; the paint allowed to run to give a blood illusion. It remains as a symbol of teamwork and uniting in the toughest of conditions.

The name "S.S.C." stands for "Spark, Sustain, Combustion". These are the steps given to the crafting of a fire; which was used metaphorically to explain how to construct the SSC itself. Later on down the line, when information on this acronym became lost with time, the SSC was purposefully written as "S.S.C" (without a period after the last letter) in order to make it clear that they were unsure what any of it meant, and literally chose to leave it open-ended. The name of "the Fighters" was also adopted as an alternative phrase for the group.

The SSC's primary function/purpose is to protect kids of all ages in their respective school district from danger. Their processes of keeping students safe can range from fighting bullies to helping them with homework/message sending. However due to internal issues within the club; they have often had to deal with facing enemy factions.

The SSC consists primarily of masters, apprentices, and a leader. Masters are commonly tasked with training apprentice(s) ranging from only 1 to a maximum of 5. These numbers have alternated in popularity over time; with numbers of apprentices per master gradually declining in more recent times. Masters also are in charge of setting up missions and providing governing rule over battles of which their apprentices or other apprentices are stationed.

Apprentices follow the orders of their masters and typically spend most time training. Ages of accepted members more often than not start at age 7 and onward to 19.

Leaders are given power over every aspect of SSC operations. In the past; leaders were hand-picked by previous leaders. Currently; leaders are voted for by masters and apprentices alike. If the leader makes decisions or enacts in ruling that the majority of masters disagree with, the leader can be expedited from the club entirely and replaced. Only leaders can call for the beginning and ending of war and they are also to be the figurehead of just about any vital mission. The leader is expected to abide by the rulings of the BLB Book and can only break these rules upon gaining 3/4 permission from the entirety of the SSC. Upon retiring or being expedited, the leader is temporarily replaced by the elites of the SSC while a new leader is being decided upon.

The SSC has gone through many rough patches as far as power and strength go, but it remains intact.

SSC Edit

Johnathan Coldwel/S.S.C *

Calvin Supco/Sol x




Noah Hawthorn/Jet

Flags x

Albert *



Gus Blakley

Darkness x

Joseph x



Brad *






Brett Blakley *

Tim Allender *

Nick/Night Riser x




Commander Delta

Rodrick *

Commander Spike *



Marcus Blakley/Negative