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Samantha was born in 1998. She would go on to attend the same school as George, and eventually met him officially in late 2010. In early 2011, George and Samantha entered a relationship. This relationship would eventually lead to Samantha joining the SSC in 2012. She'd go on to assist the SSC in meetings concerning the group's future plans in both times of peace and war. She would also join a search party for Brett and Tim in Specter's Forest, wherein she'd be captured by Brotherhood forces. Samantha was later released as the SSC and the Brotherhood worked together to stop THEM. She would remain in the SSC for an extended period of time under the watchful eye of George until her eventual retirement in 2014. The two would later be married and in 2021 Samantha would give birth to Gregory.

Biography Edit

As Brett began to lose himself to his own rage and guilt, Samantha would meet George, of whom she immediately took a liking to. Despite Brett growing more destructive, Samantha and George continually spent time together until they eventually entered a relationship. Darkness and Brett would later use this relationship to get the better of George. Attempting to avoid conflict, George and Samantha feigned a breakup, which Brett bought into for some time. However, eventually Brett would realize this deception go on to pretend having reverted back to his old self, trying to get Samantha to believe him and let him inside her home.This plan failed however, as Samantha was capable of seeing through Brett's lies, and called George on the matter. Both George and Tim Allender quickly arrived on the scene and were unable to reason with the enraged Brett. The ensuing fight between the former friends would be watched in horror by Samantha. She'd assist in dragging George (who became heavily injured in the fight) away from the fray. Later, after Tim was capable of talking Brett out of his angered state, the two would fall unconscious while the reawakened George fought against Darkness. Samantha moved Tim and Brett out of the freezing rain, with both eventually waking up and joining the fight. After all was finished, Samantha and George's relationship grew stronger.

Samantha would go on to join the SSC, though George was highly protective of her and preferred her to stay out of combat. Samantha often worked on programs intended to stomp out bullying before it became an issue, which many troopers admired. During a surprise attack by Blade at the SSC warehouse, Samantha was told to stay away from the fighting as the intruder was warded off. She'd later join a search party tasked with rescuing Brett and Tim from Specter's Forest, though the endeavor ended in failure as an enemy unit led by Blade captured Samantha and her team. Samantha would work alongside Brett during their imprisonment in order to convince Blade to join the SSC and fight against the returning THEM. Blade eventually gave in to the pressure, allowing Samantha and the rest of her team to be released in order to fight in growing war. Ultimately, the SSC came out victorious but damaged, leading Samantha to assist her friends in rebuilding the SSC to it's former glory.

Years later Samantha retired from the SSC and eventually married George. The two would come to have a son named Gregory of whom Samantha was very protective of, almost pleading with her son not to join the SSC. The dangers of Scythe was ultimately kept secret from her in order to ease her worry.

Personality/Appearance Edit


Upon first glance, George found Samantha to be extremely attractive, and her appearance was said to have been a distraction for many SSC members during meetings. Despite her beauty, Samantha was incredibly tough and strong-willed, though did prefer matters to be settled in diplomatic ways rather the jumping immediately to violence. Getting to the root of a problem was her primary focus and goal. Samantha's intelligence allowed her to easily see through lies and talk her way out of dangerous situations. George was incredibly protective of Samantha, which she did not mind. Similarly, Samantha was intensely loyal to George, sticking with him for years despite multiple rough periods of time. Though Samantha was a decent fighter during her younger years, this did not stop her from worrying over her son during his time in the SSC, fearing for his safety. Though she did not allow these feelings to overpower her, instead allowing Gregory to make the decisions he wanted. Her skin was an average white coloration while her eyes were gray. She had brown hair which often hung down one side of her face and continued past her shoulders. She normally wore pink lipstick. In her older years, Samantha wore earrings and an orange-tone of lipstick. Her eyes grew slightly darker and age marks appeared around her face to a small degree. Her eyebrows grew slightly thicker as well and her hair hung evenly on both sides of her head, still extending quite far.