General Timeline Information Edit

Steven was born in 2020. Later in his life Steven would grow to be a bully, specifically targeting Gregory for some time. This led to a fight in 2031 between the two, of which Gregory won; though Steven would ultimately ignore this defeat and later started a fight with Gregory once more in 2038, which he also lost.

Biography Edit

Steven was a renowned bully at Gregory's high school who was known for starting fights. He has fought with Gregory at least twice and is suggested to have caused him trouble numerous times in between, with Gregory often not taking him seriously and besting him with ease due to his superior training by his father George. Despite a first loss, Steven would attempt to attack Gregory one last time, only to be defeated with relative ease once again. This defeat of Steven was witnessed by Commander Spike, who considered Gregory's superior fighting to fit in well with the SSC.

Personality/Appearance Edit

Despite a bulky build, Steven was not near the same level of physical prowess as Gregory, yet he would often fail to learn his lesson and attempt to get revenge on his perceived enemies.

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